Task Force

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Task Force


(1) A temporary consolidation of troops along a specific operational axis fulfilling the same operational mission. Depending on the situation and nature of the mission, the task force may include several large and small units and various means of reinforcement. During the Great Patriotic War (1941–45), task forces were formed during operations on broad fronts and in difficult terrain where the conditions of the situation complicated organization and maintenance of control and coordination among different groupings operating on different axes.

(2) Liaison party, a group of officers with means of communication who are sent to neighboring forces or staffs to maintain coordination with them or to subordinate units to direct certain groupings of forces.

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However, members who would like to volunteer to assist in Tax Division activities (such as task forces or future appointed service) should contact Ed Karl at (202) 434-9228 or ekarl@aicpa.
In considering the scope and content of this interpretation, the task force decided to include concepts such as "business purpose," "economic substance" and the "likelihood of success" as well as "reliance on others," "reasonableness of assumptions and representations," "diligence as to facts," "content of opinions," "tax opinions provided for nonclients," "marketing of others' tax products" and tax product marketing in general.
Currently a group of European modelers has been called by the task force to work together in a network to develop models for EU purposes.
Thus, in April, our strategic planning task force will meet with an outside facilitator to review the progress we have made to date, to consider the input received on adjusting our priorities, and to set the plan for the next year.
If you would like to add your thoughts at any point in the process please write to the task force chair, Ann Sheets, CCD, at Camp Fire, 2700 Meacham Blvd.
The FASB held two public task force meetings at which more than 60 questions and proposed responses were discussed.
Without medical documentation, I could only estimate that nearly half of our task force had symptomatic illness, some with severe symptoms and dehydration.
The task force concluded that because most issues identified by IRS examiners (particularly within the LMSB Division) affect more than one taxpayer, IRS personnel have used the TAM process as more than a vehicle for resolving issues in specific cases.
While investigating these concerns, the Task Force will want to address the following questions:
The NAIC's valuation of securities task force approved the addition of A.
In addition, the AICPA Special Committee on Enhanced Business Reporting established the Public Company EBR Task Force and the Private Company EBR Task Force to research and develop examples of how enhanced business reports may appear.
A gang member who tied a puppy's tail in a knot, dropped her in a vat of boiling water and repeatedly zapped her with a Taser gun was the first felony conviction by the city's new Animal Cruelty Task Force, officials announced Tuesday.

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