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see wrassewrasse
, common name for a member of the large family Labridae, brilliantly colored fishes found among rocks and kelp in tropical seas. Wrasses, related to the parrotfishes (which are included in the wrasse family by some authorities), feed on mollusks and are equipped with
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The tautog, Tautoga onitis (Linnaeus), ranges from Nova Scotia (Bleakney, 1963; Scott and Scott, 1988) to South Carolina (Sedberry and Beatty, 1989; Bearden (1)), although it is most abundant between Cape Cod and New Jersey (Bigelow and Schroeder, 1953).
The labrid Tautoga onitis (tautog) is a highly prized game fish targeted by anglers fishing at natural and manmade structure (Briggs, 1977; Lucy and Barr, 1994).
Age, growth, and reproduction of tautog Tautoga onitis (Labridae:Perciformes) from coastal waters of Virginia.
Numerous reports are coming in of even better sea bass and tautog fishing there.
Crustacean-loving tautog and stripers are now dining well in those habitats.
In Buzzards Bay, tautog are hitting well, according to Coastline Guide Service Capt.
Also, pollock: Sean Maiato (men, 31-3), Myra Babstock (women, 18-13), Santana Parks (juniors, 20-3); scup: Mike Vater (men, 3-1), Jackie Capute (women, 2-13), Tyler Houghton and Anna Shlimak (juniors, 2-3); striped bass: Mario Picaro (men, 56-11), Karen Krusyna (women, 35-8), Ryan Sullivan (juniors, 43-0); tautog: Mervin Steele (men, 11-5), Ashley Brown (women, 10-4), David Peterson (juniors, 8-2); wahoo: Tyler Huckemeyer (men, 68-9); winter flounder: Tom Withee (men, 5-5), Allison Miles (women, 3-13), Spencer D'Angelo (juniors, 3-6); yellow fin tuna: Tony Canha (men, 59-14).
Poirier (jigging soft baits for bass), David Porreca (saltwater fly rods), Jack Sprengel (vertical jigging strategies), Pat Renna (light tackle trolling of tube and spoons), Peter Vican (Rhode Island striped bass record holder), Don Smith (Block Island striper secrets), Bruce Millar (trolling patterns for trophy bass), John Sheriff (tautog fishing), B.J.
5 Pomatoschistus microps (Kroyer, 1838) Family: Labridae Tautog, Tauloga onitis 5 (Linnaeus, 1758) Family: Serranidae Speckled hind, Epinephelus 5 drummondhayi Goode & Bean, 1878 Family: Zoarcidae Arctic eelpout.
Many fish and crustacean species including black sea bass, tautog (blackfish), scup (porgy), summer flounder (fluke), and lobsters are attracted to reefs and the surrounding area for food and shelter.
Abstract--Aging of tautog (Tautoga onitis) has historically required sacrificing fish to obtain opercula and otoliths.