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The initial show - also hosted by Martin Hughes-Games - told how Dave Culley, of Cheshire, had filmed the parent tawny owls in his back garden since February.
In the case of the tawny owl, it's not a mere tutorial but a whole semester
TU-whit-tu-whoo: the classic call of the Tawny Owl - though you're more likely to hear the "kew-ick" of a female or the wavering "hooo-hoo" of the male.
But the remains of tawny owls and kestrels are found near goshawk nests.
17-25) Chickens and pigeons have been proven to have a circadian IOP rhythmy, (9,26) whereas that rhythm was not present in common buzzards (Buteo buteo) and tawny owls (Strix aluco).
And excitingly, this year, we have four clutches of five eggs which is the most tawny owls ever lay.
Cemeteries, churchyards, built environment, parks and green spaces will not be spared the green treatment, which will also benefit tawny owls, buttoned snout moths, hedgehogs, bats and butterflies.
Rangers at Hartshill Hayes Country Park are planning to give visitors a chance to see tawny owls feeding their young during a special evening walk on Thursday.
30pm, recent watches have also recorded Tawny Owls and Woodcocks.
Iolo - who grew up in Llanwddyn and now lives near Newtown - will also keep you up to date with developments in nests at secret locations across Wales, from blue tits and tawny owls to otters and ospreys.
BIRD lovers are being urged to help save rare tawny owls.
However, this musical interlude can be hazardous since it can draw the attention of predators, such as tawny owls, to a bird's location.