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1. a person who evaluates the merits, importance, etc., of something, esp (in Britain) work prepared as part of a course of study
2. a person with technical expertise called in to advise a court on specialist matters



a judicial official in ancient Rome, in medieval Europe, and in some bourgeois states such as Germany. In Russia, Peter I created the post of assessor on the staffs of the Senate, the Synod, the courts, and the other Collegiums. This post was gradually abolished in the second half of the 19th century. (It was retained longest in the provincial governments.) The rank corresponding to this post—col-legial assessor, the eighth civilian rank in the Table of Ranks—existed until the overthrow of tsarism in 1917.

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Do we really want police chiefs and tax assessors deciding what's religious and what isn't?
The problem is that there is a critical shortage of professional tax assessors throughout New England, especially in Massachusetts," he said.
The impact of the tax assessors corruption scheme with which he was charged cost the city an enormous revenue loss and will hurt the city for years to come.
In short, the tax assessor, who is empowered by law for administering personal property taxation should meet these responsibilities with common-law employees so that the confidence and trust of the public can be maintained.
Tenders are invited for For printing and mailing of Business Personal Property Forms for the Madison County Tax Assessor Office.
Donald Trump has added a new wrinkle to the city tax assessor scandal by filing a $500 million lawsuit against the city, alleging that Trump World Tower was taxed at an unfairly high rate to compensate for buildings that received lowball assessments.
A two-page survey containing six questions was mailed to the tax assessor of each of New Jersey's 567 minor civil divisions (e.
In order to complete the Project, the Consultant shall perform three (3) principle tasks, which can be summarized as follows: *Task 1 - The Consultant shall be responsible for maintaining the parcel and zoning boundary GIS data per periodic requests generated by the Offices of the City Clerk and Tax Assessor.
Tenders are invited for Provide and Mail Tax Statements for the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector%s Office