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see taxontaxon
(pl. taxa), in biology, a term used to denote any group or rank in the classification of organisms, e.g., class, order, family.
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The results were in accordance with a recent report on isolation of Pasteurellaceae from diseased psittaeine birds, and the investigation documented that the same taxa of Pasteurellaceae-like bacteria can be isolated from apparently healthy birds as well as from diseased birds.
The genus Crambe (Brassicaeae) has approximately 35 taxa worldwide.
Alem disso, enquanto no Sudeste a taxa de desemprego diminuiu quase 9 pontos percentuais (de 16,4% para 7,5%), no Nordeste o mesmo indicador declinou 6 pontos percentuais (de 15,9% para 9,7%), colocando o Nordeste no topo do desemprego do pais, em 2010 (tabela 2).
Background and Aims: Eco-anatomical studies enable the estimation of the response of taxa to different environmental factors.
Worldwide the genus Fritillaria comprises 165 taxa (Rix 2001) of which 122 have karyological data (IPCN 2014).
The different and similar anatomical characters in the leaf and scape were determined and the taxa were classified into three groups; such as (1) S.
Using these data, we documented succession patterns and tested the hypothesis that greater spatial extent of wetted habitat and longevity of water presence may lead to greater richness of taxa.
Additionally, sixty-nine taxa received four-star good ratings for their strong performances.
Additionally, 69 taxa received "good" ratings for their strong performances.
18 taxa were identified, marked quantitative differences were also found.
Dentre algumas variaveis, os niveis de perda hidrica durante e pos-treinos e a porcentagem da taxa de sudorese devem ser fatores de atencao para um bom rendimento dos atletas seja estes durante o treinamento ou competicao (ACMS, 1996)
Our analysis showed that in various regions, about 34% to 59% of megabenthic taxa in Canadian Arctic waters are still to be documented.