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As Nelson Taxel, CEO of Positive Promotions stated, “having this merchandise that can be made here in the United States, there are people waiting in the promotional products business that can make all of these different things and to us this bill would be a tremendous boost and as we would increase our business and increase employment.
The vertically-aligned taxels operate with two-terminal transistors.
Taxel of the University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington.
And orthodox character curricula of the sort implicitly taught by Joni and frequently instituted in schools (Smagorinsky & Taxel, 2005) stress obedience to authority and compliance over the more liberating qualities encouraged by many teacher educators.
Third, a large part of each class session was devoted to whole-class and small-group discussions where TESs had the opportunity to engage in sharing their voices and listening to others' voices, particularly through reading and responding to culturally relevant children's literature (Dillard 1997; Gollnick, 1992; Klassen-Endrizzi & Ruiz, 1995; Pinsent, 1997; Taxel, 1989).
Smagorinsky and Taxel analyze the ways in which the issue of character education has been articulated in the US, both historically and in the current character education movement that began in the 1990s.
The model's definition of literature also needs to underscore the social construction of texts and the openness of texts to different interpretations of meaning (Curriculum Corporation, 1994; Gilbert, 1994; Luke, 1994; Macken & Rothery, 1991; Taxel, 1989).
See In re: San Diego Realty, Inc, Debtor, and the Taxel, Trustee, v.
Further investigation of historical themes was done by Joel Taxel (1981).
This is a clear, flavored sparkling water that has great taste, no caffeine and only 2 calories per serving," explains executive vice president Mark Taxel.
Mark Taxel, executive vice president for marketing, Seagram Beverage Co.