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a car, usually fitted with a taximeter, that may be hired, along with its driver, to carry passengers to any specified destination
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a motor vehicle that transports passengers or freight for a fare based on the reading of a taximeter. Taxis first appeared in London in 1903 and in St. Petersburg in 1907. Taxis may be production passenger cars, trucks, or dual-purpose vehicles, or they may be vehicles specially designed for taxi service, with larger baggage compartments, heavy-duty door hinges and locks, and other special features. Minibuses also provide a type of taxi service. They travel over specific routes and make stops according to a timetable, and passengers are charged a standard fare.

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(1) See transportation network company.

(2) (TAXI) (Transparent Asynchronous Transmitter/Receiver Interface) A 100 Mbps ATM transmission standard defined by the ATM Forum.
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"It is also very important to us that our customers can also have peace of mind that the local taxi company providing the service is properly licensed," she added.
"The ministry has started to offer operating cards (permits) for taxi services through a public bidding, and invites all interested companies in the transport sector with relevant experience to apply for it," said ministry's Under-Secretary of Land Transport Mariam Jumaan.
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"The nearest taxi rank is a five to 10-minute walk away and there are never many taxis there.
But when you look at the private taxi aggregators, there is no fair play.
"As we make significant improvements in the way taxis are booked and requested by consumers, we see a clear growth and therefore have expansion plans for not only Wirral Satellite Cars, but our sister company Davy Liver Taxis in Liverpool."
The number of customer rides that were requested through the Easy Taxi App has been steadily increasing since the beginning of the test, a statement said.
London's Heathrow Airport was the most expensive outside of Australasia with a taxi fare of $105 from the city to the airport.
In the event the customer is in a mall or other building with a taxi rank, they will be advised to go to the rank.