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a car, usually fitted with a taximeter, that may be hired, along with its driver, to carry passengers to any specified destination
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a motor vehicle that transports passengers or freight for a fare based on the reading of a taximeter. Taxis first appeared in London in 1903 and in St. Petersburg in 1907. Taxis may be production passenger cars, trucks, or dual-purpose vehicles, or they may be vehicles specially designed for taxi service, with larger baggage compartments, heavy-duty door hinges and locks, and other special features. Minibuses also provide a type of taxi service. They travel over specific routes and make stops according to a timetable, and passengers are charged a standard fare.

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(1) See transportation network company.

(2) (TAXI) (Transparent Asynchronous Transmitter/Receiver Interface) A 100 Mbps ATM transmission standard defined by the ATM Forum.
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The licensing authority proposes that the taxi rank situated to the west of the main building will provide spaces for 12 taxis, and will extend for 67.8 metres, and will operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
A witness told the ECHO: "The lad was lying on the floor by the taxi rank and people were standing all around him.
A spokesman said: "You should always read the information on the signs as taxi ranks are put in place/amended by Traffic Management and not under taxi licensing legislation."
"To illustrate the point, last Sunday morning at 3am there were three of our taxis sitting on the taxi rank with no queue.
The stewards who usually monitor the taxi rank could have been used to let people know what was going on and where to get a cab that would be happy to take you safely home.
Officers have previously appealed to trace a man who was standing close to the Royal Cars taxi rank, near to the junction of Martin Road and South-field Road when the victim was approached.
"If you are getting a taxi from a taxi rank, the light is on, and the fare starts and ends within Cardiff, the driver has to take you home and must use the meter.
The taxi rank | wrongly signposted as a loading bay
"Today it's the best known taxi rank in the city but for many years it would have only been used by the wealthy or business people."
Edinburgh Licensed Taxi Partnership boss Les McVay said: "Network Rail have always seen the taxi rank as a bit of a thorn in their side but this is a nightmare.
Windhoek taxi drivers have since two months ago, causing deserted the temporary taxi rank under the bridge close to the Wernhil Park Shopping Centre, which was made available for their use during the expansion of the centre and are now making use of the new and upgraded taxi rank.
Sydney Airport on Monday said it has begun the upgrade of the T2 taxi rank as part of a programme to improve ground transport arrangements in it's domestic precinct.