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a car, usually fitted with a taximeter, that may be hired, along with its driver, to carry passengers to any specified destination
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a motor vehicle that transports passengers or freight for a fare based on the reading of a taximeter. Taxis first appeared in London in 1903 and in St. Petersburg in 1907. Taxis may be production passenger cars, trucks, or dual-purpose vehicles, or they may be vehicles specially designed for taxi service, with larger baggage compartments, heavy-duty door hinges and locks, and other special features. Minibuses also provide a type of taxi service. They travel over specific routes and make stops according to a timetable, and passengers are charged a standard fare.

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(1) See transportation network company.

(2) (TAXI) (Transparent Asynchronous Transmitter/Receiver Interface) A 100 Mbps ATM transmission standard defined by the ATM Forum.
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Jakarta Governor Fauzi Bowo said in the future all taxies in Jakarta will use gas fuel.
They have succeeded in developing good reputation both in service and security that many consumers would not go by other taxies.
The Blue Bird Group operates regular taxies Blue Bird, Morante, Cendrawasih, and Lintas Buana with total fleet of 13,500 units.
The Blue Bird Group, the country's largest taxi operator, is the pioneer in the operation of luxurious taxies called executive taxies with its Silver Bird taxies several years back.
The consumers of Silver Bird taxies are charged with a waiting fee of Rp55,000 per hour with Rp25,000 fees for taxi call service.
The MaxiCab taxies known with white paint use environmentally friendly gas fuel and has the GPS facility.