teaching machines

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teaching machines:

see programmed instructionprogrammed instruction,
method of presenting new subject matter to students in a graded sequence of controlled steps. Students work through the programmed material by themselves at their own speed and after each step test their comprehension by answering an examination question
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These teaching machines can instruct students in subjects such as dance, music, vocabulary, and foreign languages.
1999 Neal Lerner, "Drill Pads, Teaching Machines, Programmed Texts: Origins of Instructional Technology In Writing Centers"
They are now required to function as automatons as they present scripted lessons, follow pacing schedules, narrow the curriculum to those few areas tested on the state assessments, and, in general, limit their professional lives to activities that could be performed by teaching machines or computer programs.
Skinner promoted the use of teaching machines and programmed textbooks.
The changes reported in the classrooms suggest that the technology may have implications that go beyond being mere teaching machines.
Whether these devices qualify as genuine teaching machines is a matter for debate (Benjamin, 1988).
Midland academics are teaching machines to talk to each other to make the world safer for their human masters.
Teaching machines can be used very effectively to present information, reinforce concepts, and track understanding, but they cannot replace a real teacher.
More sophisticated teaching machines will be in use in education by 1987.
These included the " Skinner box " for observing animals ' stimulus - response behavior, teaching machines, and, especially, the air crib or mechanical baby - tender.

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