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see duckduck,
common name for wild and domestic waterfowl of the family Anatidae, which also includes geese and swans. It is hunted and bred for its meat, eggs, and feathers. Strictly speaking, duck refers to the female and drake to the male.
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the common name of about 20 species of small river ducks of the genus Anas. Teals are found everywhere except the polar regions. Many species are migratory.

There are four species in the USSR. The best known are the common, or green-winged, teal (Anas crecca) and the garganey, or garganey teal (A. querquedula). The Baikal teal (A. formosa), which is hunted intensively during its period of migration, is found in Siberia east of the Enisei, while the marbled teal (A. angustirostris) is found only in Middle Asia and Transcaucasia. All teals prefer shallow standing waters. They nest in meadows and forest clearings. The female lays eight or nine eggs, which are incubated for about three weeks.

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1. any of various small ducks, such as the Eurasian Anas crecca (common teal) that are related to the mallard and frequent ponds, lakes, and marshes
2. a greenish-blue colour
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