technical drawing

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technical drawing

the study and practice, esp as a subject taught in school, of the basic techniques of draughtsmanship, as employed in mechanical drawing, architecture, etc.
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Technical Drawing


(in Russian, chertezh), a scale projection of objects presented on some information carrier, such as standard or tracing paper, film, or a type of veneer, by means of graphic forms—points, segments of straight and curved lines, symbols, standard designations, and the like. Technical drawings may be used as illustrations to a text (to explain material to be learned) or as documentation for the manufacture of goods. They may be accompanied by explanatory notes, specifications, and instructions for manufacture of the article (when necessary) and may take the form of mechanical drawings, sketches, or diagrams.

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All T-Series Technical Drawing printers feature a compact design with front-loaded consumables, enabling easy operation even when placed against a wall or in a corner.
* After completing the design and technical drawing stages of the wall plate, the template is prepared according to the technical drawing.
These separately available applications and libraries deliver affordable, easy-to-use technical drawing solutions so that even those who don't use CAD can leverage valuable AutoCAD drawings and communicate more effectively with AutoCAD users.
The drawings have been changed from technical drawing format to an illustrative format to better clarify theoretical and practical principles and processes.
Staff at Frederick Bird were: Headmaster Mr Harris, deputy head Mr Clennet, Mr Harris (woodwork), Mr Perkins (metal-work), Mr Wilson (RE), Mr Ireland (biology), Mr Turner (art), Mr Griffins (gardening), Mr Webb, Mr Parsons, Mr Bedford, Mr Jones, Mr Douglas (technical drawing and cricket).
Calignano also reflects on how precision results from the process of architectural or industrial design, which finds its most salient means in technical drawing. The artist's creation of a surreal object is preceded by technical sketches and preparatory drawings, a procedure borrowed from the very design modalities he has appropriated ironically.
The sophisticated visualization software combines technical drawing and business diagramming with capabilities particularly suited to large organizations like the IRS.
As a high school art teacher who also teaches technical drawing, I enjoy discovering projects that introduce artistic concepts, have technical roots and are challenging.
In light of the difficulty faced by educators when trying to stress upon students the importance of academic curricula, an approach employed by a Technical Drawing program reveals some innovative methods for accomplishing this objective.
Subjects discussed include: getting started with AutoCAD, advanced sketching, working with drawing aids, editing sketched objects, creating texts and tables, basic dimensioning, adding constraints to sketches, technical drawing, working with advanced drawing options, and editing 3D objects.
His qualification in technical drawing gave Mr Hewitt an a leg up in the world of art.
A small white canvas is barely defined by the diagonals and compass points that demarcate its space, like a sheet of paper prepared for a simple technical drawing for school: Giulio Paolini's Disegno geometrico (Geometrical Drawing), 1960, marks the beginning of one of the most fruitful artistic and conceptual adventures in the recent history of art, in Italy and internationally.

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