technology gap

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technology gap

(1) The difference between people who use computers and mobile devices on a daily basis and those who do not. The technology gap is a serious impediment to students in households that cannot afford a computer or pay for Internet access every month. Also known as the "digital divide" and "app gap." See e-learning and creative destruction.

(2) The difference in technologies used and/or developed in two companies or two countries where one is more advanced than the other.

(3) The difference between current-day products and the technology on the drawing boards.
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Speaking on the theme 'Bridging the technology gap towards Ghana Beyond Aid and youth employment', President Akufo-Addo took consolation from the fact that countries that had transitioned from under-development to development did so on the back of the application of science, thus articulating the government's commitment use the same approach to bridge the country's industrialisation gap.
The very first person to examine the secondary impact of FDI on the host economy was Finlay (1978), who found that spillover effects were determined by the so-called relative lagging, in other words the technology gap between the parent and host economy.
An example of how one franchise resolved the technology gap can be found in Benetrends Financial, which implemented Identifi's Business Process Automation and Document Imaging system for new client onboarding.
'We found in the AfDB-TAAT system a one-stop shop that will give us the capacity and technology that can be applied to support primary production of almost all the crops in Nigeria and lift up technology gap overnight.
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The conditions of the grant require Scriyb to receive matching funds from the Commonwealth of Virginia's Center for Innovative Technology GAP Funds, maintain five full-time staff positions, and relocate to commercial space in the County along with 13 full-time hires and USD 25,000 in equipment by the end of December 2017.
Improving students' technological skills to help close the "technology gap" is a main goal of the experimental learning program, according to Emrick.
"Diagnostic labs and hospitals lose millions of dollars in hidden anomalies and inefficient processing largely defined by the technology gap in healthcare industry, VerioMed platform is data driven, users can perform their day-to-day operations very efficiently and quickly with its intuitive and artificial intelligence guided system eliminating operational errors.
If it does, the capability of the Chinese military in the air and at sea will be increased dramatically and help close the technology gap between Beijing andAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA the Pentagon.AaAaAeAeAaAeAeA It could be argued that degrees of stealth technology enabled the U.S.
AARP said it is expanding its 2015 AARP TEK Program to include eight new cities, 11 locations overall, featuring free, live workshops aimed at helping close the technology gap among people 50-plus.
According to the report, 'Bridging the Technology Gap in Financial Services Boardrooms,' 'only 6 percent of board members and 3 percent of CEOs at the world's largest banks have professional technology experience.

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