technology stack

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technology stack

A set of software that provides the infrastructure for a computer. The stacks differ whether installed in a client or a server.

Clients - OS and Related Utilities
The technology stack in a client machine includes the operating system and related support programs and all runtime environments necessary to support the applications, such as Java (see Java Virtual Machine). The stack may include the applications, although that is generally considered a separate "application stack." The word "technology" implies system software, not application software. See application stack.

Servers Employ Services
For servers, the stack includes all the programs mentioned for the clients with the addition of database software and support for several programming languages. If Web based, whether public or private, a variety of server software is included, such as Web server, mail server, FTP server and other "services" software. See LAMP.
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The familiar technology STACK OF warehouse management systems (WMS) to manage transactions and inventory at the distribution center level and then hand order requirements down to the automation layer is not as simple as it used to be.
Innovations across the technology stack to cater the potential IoT threats are expected to continue driving IoT investments and penetration.
PTC and Bosch Software Innovations successfully tested the integrated technology stack in the Industrial Internet Consortium Track & Trace Testbed by wirelessly connecting tightening tools to operate seamlessly together on the factory floor.
Secure connectivity, and the ability to leverage machine data to create new business value, are critical components of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology stack and are in increasing demand as more companies pursue a smart, connected product strategy. brings to AOL a global programmatic video technology stack for publishers and advertisers across all screens; a unified yield management platform for advertisers and publishers for planning, targeting, ad-serving and measurement; and a talented team that has driven innovation in the automation of global video advertising.
Mongoose largely is based on the Microsoft technology stack, which Infor has embraced as part of a strategic partnership.
Following extensive user consultation, the latest version of the Tropos solution has been developed using a new technology stack, built with the latest Microsoft technologies to provide a fast and efficient user interface, which is simple to implement and easy to maintain.
Ingres can now bundle Infoflow into its BI and open source technology stack. This allows customers to schedule, publish and deliver key business information across their organisations.
The new solution will be based on Sun Microsystems' Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) HotSpot Implementation, and will be integrated with a full Java technology stack on platform from Ericsson Mobile Platforms.
In evaluating the tape drive vendor, Gartner suggests first of all verifying that the vendor is financially viable and determining how the vendor and the technology stack up on a market share basis: winning, losing or standing still?
"The technology stack encompasses all of the features we plan to utilize in our MCFC system products as well as in the cell component product lines we are commercializing for a broader fuel cell market and clears the way for the final assembly and operational testing of our full-scale, 40-kW system that will operate at the Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center early next year."
Quest's end-to-end application performance management console provides real-time, correlated views of the entire technology stack influencing application performance.

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