technology transfer

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technology transfer

(1) Converting the results of research into a practical application.

(2) Sharing technical information by means of education and training.

(3) Using an application to solve a problem in an industry that is entirely different from the one the software was originally developed for.
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Technology transfer is an intrinsic element of the last two phases.
of Leeds, UK) offer what is described as a monozukuri view of requirements and strategies for manufacturing technology transfer with a focus on Southeast Asia.
The technology transfer is an important issue and key component of economic and social development of developing nations.
Technology transfer can be defined as in flow of technology and technical knowledge from owner to receive the owner of the technology could be company or country.
Volvo Technology Transfer made its first investment in the company in 2006.Country: Sweden, Sector: ElectronicsTarget: TranSiC ABBuyer: Fairchild Semiconductor International IncVendor: Volvo AB, Volvo Technology Transfer (VTT)Type: DivestmentStatus: Closed
Any serious effort to address global climate disruption will require effective technology transfer. To permit global abatement on the scale required to avoid dangerous climate disruption, developing countries with growing emissions must somehow make emission reductions without curtailing the economic development needed to alleviate poverty.
In addition to the keynote, scheduled speakers include Wes Blakeslee, director of the Office of Technology Transfer at Johns Hopkins University; Brian Kacedon, a partner with Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP; Dr.
This new strategic relationship encompasses 3G technology transfer and a licensing agreement, under which InterDigital Communications LLC will deliver its SlimChip modem core for integration into CapiSemi's chips for 3G mobile devices.
Swedish trucks, buses and construction equipment maker Volvo (STO:VOLVA) (STO:VOLVB) reported on Thursday the appointment of Johan Carlsson as president of Volvo Technology Transfer AB (VTT) with effect from 1 June 2010.
"Technology transfer is a two-way street that involves not only identifying, vetting, and pushing research innovations out to industry, but also industry pull--stimulating market applications by actively identifying technology needs that will enhance the products and services of companies and other institutions," said Robert A.
"We expect demand to come both from firms that already have a presence at Picatinny, as well as national and international companies and research organizations that want to take advantage of both the technology transfer opportunities and one-of-a-kind technology infrastructure that Picatinny offers."
With the signing of the contract, SemBioSys intends to immediately begin work with Cangene to implement technology transfer of the manufacturing process, which enables cGMP production of insulin from transgenic safflower.

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