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The tectorial membrane lies atop the tiny hairs that line the inner ear, or cochlea.
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Actual bleeding in the subdural or epidural region is even less common with most cases occurring in the epidural space in children in conjunction with blunt trauma and skull base fracture or tectorial membrane injury.
Longitudinal sections of guinea pig cochleas subjected to transtympanic neomycin treatment had a basilar membrane with a flat epithelium (B) compared with the control (A) in which the tectorial membrane directly joined to the whole organ of Corti (H&E).
Utena and Alytus districts' quantitative and qualitative criteria statistics of entrepreneurship, tectorial normalization and significance of criteria 4 lentele.
Focusing on a cochlear structure called the tectorial membrane, he managed to build a system that could measure what the structure was actually doing.
There is posterior displacement of the tectorial membrane and compression of the lower pons and medulla.
In contrast, otoancorin, another hearing-related gene defective in autosomal recessive deafness and known to mediate the contact between the apical surface of sensory epithelial cells and acellular gels of the inner ear and the tectorial and otoconial membranes for proper auditory processing, showed significant increase in the hippocampus after repeated blast exposures [21,43].
The Organ of Corti contains hair-like nerve endings anchored on one end but free to respond to changes in fluid pressure and wave back and forth against the roof membrane (tectorial membrane), where movement is changed to an electrical signal that travels to the brain via the acoustic nerve.