tee head


1. In precast framing, a segment of girder crossing the top of an interior column.
2. The top of a shore formed with a braced horizontal member which projects on two sides, forming a T-shaped assembly.
3. In plumbing, same as curb cock.
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Tom Tulliver and Rodnee Tee head the weights for the CCE Signature Mixers EBF Novice Stakes.
Mechanical joint bolts or tee head bolts are manufactured in accordance with AWWA specification ANSI/AWWA C111/A21.11 A-84.
I then snipped off the stem of the tee just below the funnel-like head section, heated the straight-end tip of the wire over a stove flame for a few seconds, then pushed it (melted, actually) through the funnel-like hollow in the tee head. I then slid the impaled tee head to a point mid-way on the dart shaft, heated the loop end a couple of seconds, then pulled that end up into the tee head where it melted into the plastic to lock the two together.