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time of life from onset of puberty to full adulthood. The exact period of adolescence, which varies from person to person, falls approximately between the ages 12 and 20 and encompasses both physiological and psychological changes. Physiological changes lead to sexual maturity and usually occur during the first several years of the period. This process of physical changes is known as puberty, and it generally takes place in girls between the ages of 8 and 14, and boys between the ages of 9 and 16. In puberty, the pituitary gland increases its production of gonadotropins, which in turn stimulate the production of predominantly estrogen in girls, and predominantly testosterone in boys. Estrogen and testosterone are responsible for breast development, hair growth on the face and body, and deepening voice. These physical changes signal a range of psychological changes, which manifest themselves throughout adolescence, varying significantly from person to person and from one culture to another. Psychological changes generally include questioning of identity and achievement of an appropriate sex role; movement toward personal independence; and social changes in which, for a time, the most important factor is peer group relations. Adolescence in Western societies tends to be a period of rebellion against adult authority figures, often parents or school officials, in the search for personal identity. Many psychologists regard adolescence as a byproduct of social pressures specific to given societies, not as a unique period of biological turmoil. In fact, the classification of a period of life as "adolescence" is a relatively recent development in many Western societies, one that is not recognized as a distinct phase of life in many other cultures.


See T. Hine, The Rise and Fall of the American Teenager (1999).


the stage in the LIFE COURSE between childhood and adulthood marked by the beginnings of adult sexuality but coming before full adult status or final detachment from the FAMILY OF ORIGIN OR ORIENTATION.

In simple societies the passage from childhood to adulthood is often marked by rites de passage (see RITUAL), or by the provision of young mens (and less often young women's) AGE SETS. However, it is within modern societies, with their distinctive emphasis on YOUTH CULTURE, fostered by the MASS MEDIA OF COMMUNICATION, that adolescence has achieved a particular importance. In these societies, in contrast to more TRADITIONAL SOCIETIES, adolescents must choose their CAREERS and sexual partners as well as their general LIFESTYLE. Thus adolescence, the time of educational examinations and entry into work, is also a stage in the life cycle which is associated with individual experimentation in sexual and leisure behaviour. It may also be a time for questioning received values, and of rebellion against parental patterns of behaviour (see also GENERATION). The search for independence, and the heightened sense of self-awareness and uncertainty about SELF, can also lead to psychological crisis and psychological disturbance. See also YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT, DELINQUENCY.


Stage in the cycle of erosion following youth and preceding maturity.
The period of life from puberty to maturity.


novel of young love. [Am. Lit.: Booth Tarkington Seventeen in Magill I, 882]
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My friend advised me to remain silent to avoid creating any problem - we went down for breakfast and when my friend [the stepdaughter] saw me crying, she asked me what had happened, but I said nothing," the teenaged Briton claimed to prosecutors.
She could live in a family home with teenaged children and possibly with another dog.
This paper presents the coping mechanisms of teenaged girls who become parents out of wedlock.
As high-school teens engaged in a heterosexual peer culture in the late 1940s and 1950s, parents and authorities created sex education and family education programs to encourage teenaged girls to focus their energies on finding a husband.
Craft, illustrator for most of McKillip's books.) In spite of its teenaged protagonist, it will appeal to older readers as well.
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As it progressed, she lost more and more abilities--and teenaged Richard, her youngest son, was often the only one at home to be his mother's caregiver.
Larkin also called attention to the plight of aboriginal people living with HIV/AIDS during a speech at the closing ceremonies of the conference, with her teenaged daughter Rakiya in tow.
Sacramento Ballet co-artistic director Ron Cunningham spotted the teenaged Peer at a regional ballet festival.
Daughters Guenivir and Carrie are going blind from the same disease their father has, and teenaged son Zeb is deaf because his mother contracted German measles during pregnancy.