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, teepee
a cone-shaped tent of animal skins used by certain North American Indians
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A relatively lightweight, transportable, conically shaped dwelling primarily of American Indians of the Great Plains; its base was generally egglike in plan, with the narrower end of the base at the entrance. The framework consisted of heavy wood poles, fixed in the ground at their lower ends and lashed together at the top. This framework was covered with decorated waterproof animal skins, sewn together with sinew and secured to the ground by pegs driven through loops at the base of the cover. Another type of tipi, used by tribes in the eastern regions of America, had a domed rather than a conical framework consisting of branches bent over, tied together, and covered by bark or animal skins sewn together with sinew to provide a waterproof covering. Also spelled tepee or teepee.
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Other add-ons included metallic paint (PS520) which certainly gave a fairly ordinary vehicle a more distinguished appearance, Active City Brake (PS250) and a reversing camera with front and rear parking sensors (PS210), which given the Partner Teepee's overall bulk is probably worth the modest outlay.
"Every single pole on the teepee has a teaching that goes with it," he said.
News, the teepee was gifted to the "Wrecking Ball" songstress on her 21st birthday by her family.
With the recent hype from the Olympic and Paralympics, and now with the Premier League back in full swing, TeePee Games has seen a surge in players to its sports games.
Mr Woodbridge or the `Teepee man' as he is known, moved into the teepee on board a wooden raft , two months ago as a mark of protest against the expensive student accommodation at the university.
Don't have the space for a bean teepee? No problem.
As 35 adults attended class in one of three wooden buildings, children swam in the lake and went to Bible school and kokums--Cree for grandmothers--cooked fresh whitefish in a huge iron skillet over an open fire sheltered by a teepee.
Our firm, Elliott + Associates Architects, is working with the Hopewell Heritage Foundation to restore the 'Teepee Church' in Edmond, Oklahoma.
Interwoven with the many details of raven development and behavior are glimpses of other wildlife such as moose, wolves, and mountain lions, and the changing seasons of the wilderness, as well as the culture of a Sioux family living in a teepee nearby during the summer.
4 Paint-your-own teepee. As a playhouse or for backyard sleepovers, camping trips.
Children had the chance to explore a full-size traditional Plains Indian teepee and make calendars, dreamcatchers and medicine shields.
Kids appreciate garden structures, like a bean teepee, where they can have secret hideaways.