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see psychokinesispsychokinesis,
movement or deformation of a physical object by thought or willpower alone (i.e., without the application of physical force). Telekinesis (sometimes abbreviated TK), an older term for psychokinesis (sometimes abbreviated PK), was first used by the
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In terms of age groups however, contrary to what some studies have found, our data show that belief in the paranormal actually increased with age in some cases, with older people believing more strongly than younger ones in the afterlife, the existence of God, psychics, telekinesis, and aliens.
And is telekinesis a solution to Cassidy's problems?
Using the powers of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), the Evasons bring together the powers of telepathy, super memory, prediction, telekinesis and levitation to expose audiences to a new perception of reality.
The first, which could be realized within a century, involves telekinesis, teleportation, antiuniverses, and invisibility (aka Harry Potter's cloak); the second class, which violates no laws of physics but holds no near-future scenarios, either, includes time machines and parallel universes.
Starting with Carrie, a story about a misfit teenage girl who goes on a rampage at her school prom, the authors explain research into paranormal phenomena, including the heroine's power of telekinesis. The authors also look at the possibility of alien invasions, such as those in King's Tommyknockers and Tracks stories, biological warfare, artificial intelligence, and time travel.
This dark fantasy is the realm of witches, ghosts, ghouls, apparitions, monsters, extrasensory perception as in precognition, telepathy and telekinesis. And yet still, this tale is the poignant story of one man's love for his young son lost to cancer.
Included are photographs of seances, experiments with telekinesis, levitation, and the production of ectoplasm, a mucous-like substance believed to be a visible materialization of the spirit world.
Kortel's telekinesis will change his life, and could possibly save the world from itself.
As it happens, Carrie is not totally defenseless, as she's been honing her powers of telekinesis, the ability to move objects by using the power of her mind.
Paradoxically, the more he moves toward flatness and pattern, the more alive Bas's paintings look, and the more his deliberately ham-fisted touches--like the stenciled vase that flies through the air in Telekinesis, spilling a bouquet of earnestly daubed pink-and-green flowers--achieve a sly hilarity.
ESP, Telekinesis, and Other Pseudoscience (Johns Hopkins Univ.