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The anterior subdivision of the forebrain in a vertebrate embryo; gives rise to the olfactory lobes, cerebral cortex, and corpora striata.



(also called endbrain), the anterior section of the brain. The telencephalon attains its greatest size and physiological importance in higher vertebrates and especially in man.

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Activated microglia (HLA-DR) and macrophages (HLA-DR and CD68) were numerous in all regions of the telencephalon and moderately frequent in the pontocerebellar peduncles and pontine base, but only rare HLA-DR+ cells were present in the white matter of the cerebellum (figure not shown).
The dorsal telencephalon contained a large, mixed population of neurones, the ADt (Figure 3(a)).
Laming's proposed line of evolution is constituted in part by existing and extinct species; it begins with a hypothetical species that has a primitive non-differentiated telencephalon and evolves into three different "branches" ending in Teleosts, Amphibians, and Elasmobranchs.
Numerous regions of the telencephalon (cerebral cortex and limbic system) are responsible for these cognitive functions.
In neural terms, the aggressive display of the Betta splendens was studied with ablation techniques and discrete lesions of the telencephalon (Marino-Neto & Sabbatini, 1983a, 1983b) and through the waterborne presentation of neurotransmitters (Baenninger, 1968).
The overwhelming regularity of cortical structures, and of large loops through cortical and striatal telencephalon, suggests the universality of the resulting composite operations.
The skin and skull were carefully opened and the olfactory tract was cut between the olfactory bulb and the telencephalon with a surgical knife under a microscope.
Children's Medical Center Corporation (Boston, MA), University of British Columbia (Canada) and University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA) have patented stable clones of neural stem cells (NSCs) isolated from the human fetal telencephalon.
Hayashi Y, Hoshino K and Kameyama Y (1978) Early pathological changes of matrix cells of the telencephalon following low dose X-irradiation in mouse embryo: Effects of 10 R irradiation on day 13.
The notion that the hippocampus might play a role in food storing has received strong support from neuroanatomical studies that have shown that food storing birds have, relative to telencephalon size, a larger hippocampus than non-food storers (Krebs, Sherry, Healy, Perry, & Vaccarino, 1989; Sherry, Vaccarino, Buckenham, & Herz, 1989).
In 1969, Rakic and his coworkers first used brain slices from human fetuses--obtained following second-trimester death--to identify remnants of a stream of neurons that traveled from the telencephalon to the thalamus.
Microinjection of NMDA Receptor Antagonist AP5 to the Goldfish Telencephalon Impaired Learning but Not Expression of Active Avoidance Conditioning.