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"I think most mere mortals don't deserve a telephone switch and they don't deserve a personal mainframe on their desk or in their lap or in their luggage.
Don't expect your telephone switch vendor to come to you and say "there is a Year 2000 problem in your telephone equipment." The industry has been very quiet about this entire issue.
To ensure the greatest profit from long distance, however, the right facility and routing (a telephone switch set-up that makes call routings more efficient and thus reduces service costs) are paramount.
Three tenders for the supply of (a) air conditioners & wall type fans including erection, (b) a telephone switch and telephone sets, also (c) copying paper.
Each morning, bankers and hedge fund managers, who make up 36% of Plaza District tenants, share an elevator with the owners of a software firm, telephone switch sales business, and a handful of fashion companies.
This long-term life cycle support contract supports the total telephone switch system.
As a result, the G-Phone DLX supplies all-in-one convenience, giving users both standard and VoIP telephone operation without the need for an external gateway, telephone switch, broadband Internet connection, or PC.
A central telephone switch based on an open, programmable design tracks the worker and completes calls to the phone,regardless of where the worker happens to be located.
Reportedly, utilising Nokia's PSTN Smart Transform migration service, processes and tools, CenturyLink will consolidate customers into a more energy efficient telephone switch configuration.
Supply of a console for the telephone switch and two internal cards for the telephone exchange.
Lucent has encountered recent significant losses, having incurred a $300 million loss during its fiscal third quarter, and has encountered slower than expected deployment of optical equipment used in routing Web traffic at high speeds; softening of its telephone switch market which is under competitive pressure from less expensive and more efficient competitive products, as well as substantial reduction in a billion dollar contract which it has with the Saudi Arabian government.