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in parapsychology: see psychokinesispsychokinesis,
movement or deformation of a physical object by thought or willpower alone (i.e., without the application of physical force). Telekinesis (sometimes abbreviated TK), an older term for psychokinesis (sometimes abbreviated PK), was first used by the
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in physics, the transfer of key properties from one particle (or group of particles) to another a significant distance apart without a physical connection between the two particles (or groups); also known as quantum teleportation. The two particles involved in the transference are said to be "entangled," that is, the properties of these particles are tied together even when they are far apart. It has been shown that a pair of entangled particles, which were once in contact but later moved too far apart to interact directly, can exhibit individually random behavior that is too strongly correlated to be explained by classical statistics. This phenomenon, called Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) correlation or entanglement, was postulated by Albert EinsteinEinstein, Albert
, 1879–1955, American theoretical physicist, known for the formulation of the relativity theory, b. Ulm, Germany. He is recognized as one of the greatest physicists of all time.
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, Boris Podolsky, and Nathan Rosen in 1935. Physicists once believed teleportation was impossible because it was thought to violate the uncertainty principleuncertainty principle,
physical principle, enunciated by Werner Heisenberg in 1927, that places an absolute, theoretical limit on the combined accuracy of certain pairs of simultaneous, related measurements.
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 of quantum mechanics. However, teleportation has been demonstrated experimentally in a variety of systems, such as photons and coherent light fields. Because teleportation always destroys the particle whose properties are transferred, it is impossible to produce multiple copies of it in this manner.


in science fiction, the process of instantaneously transporting a person or an object between two points, usually by disappearing from one place and reappearing at a second place as a perfect copy by means that resemble or use radio signal tranmission and reception. The "science" that makes this possible is usually glossed over, but it is generally implied that the teleporting system functions as a large, three-dimensional facsimilefacsimile
or fax,
in communications, system for transmitting pictures or other graphic matter by wire or radio. Facsimile is used to transmit such materials as documents, telegrams, drawings, pictures taken from satellites, and even entire newspapers.
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 (or fax) machine that scans, transmits, and reassembles the person or object being sent. Unlike the fax analogy, the original is almost always destroyed during transmission. In those stories in which the original is preserved, the plot becomes difficult to manage when the original and its replica meet. In 1993 an international group of six scientists confirmed that teleportation is possible in principle, but only if the original is destroyed.
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(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

There are a number of examples of teleportation to be found in the Bible (e.g. Ezekiel 11.1). There are also many examples to be found in Modern Spiritualism. Teleportation was described by Leslie Shepard as “a composite phenomenon between levitation and apports.” One of the classic cases was the teleportation of Mrs. Agnes Guppy, when she became a living apport at the séance given by mediums Charles Williams and Frank Herne. The two mediums specialized in apport séances. At one of their sittings someone jokingly suggested that they should apport Mrs. Guppy, who lived only a short distance from their séance room in High Holborn, London. This suggestion was greeted with laughter since Mrs. Guppy was a very large woman. But within a matter of minutes, a very large figure suddenly appeared, with a thump, on the top of the table. It was Mrs. Guppy, wearing a dressing gown, holding a pen wet with ink, and looking very startled. (see Apports) This was one of the best corroborated cases of teleportation.

Both Charles Williams and Frank Herne were themselves teleported at various times. Thomas Blyton wrote in his reminiscences, published in Light (April 11, 1931), “I was present on one occasion at a private home séance at Hackney, in London, when without warning or preparation, in total darkness, Mr. Frank Herne was suddenly placed in the midst of the sitters; and after recovering from our surprise and resuming the séance, Mr. Herne’s overcoat, hat and umbrella were dropped on the table.” Herne had been with friends, watching a play in another part of London.

The Sao Paolo medium Carlos Carmine Mirabelli was transported from the railroad station of Da Luz to Sao Vincenti, 90 kilometres away, in two minutes. He had been with friends at the railroad station, intending to travel to Santos. He suddenly disappeared just before the train was due to leave. A telephone call confirmed that he was in Sao Vincenti two minutes later.

Nandor Fodor recounts the teleportation of the medium the Marquis Centurione Scotto, on July 29, 1928 at Millesimo Castle. “The medium exclaimed, in a frightened voice, ‘I can no longer feel my legs!’ … An interval of death-like silence followed. The medium was addressed, then felt for (it was a dark room sitting). His place was empty. They turned on the red light. The doors were still securely locked with the key on the inside but the medium had disappeared. All the rooms of the castle were searched but without result. Two and a half hours passed when it occurred to the sitters to ask Mrs. Gwendolyn Kelley Hack to try and get into communication, through automatic writing, with her spirit guide Imperator. After several attempts … correct information came through: ‘Go to the right, then outside. Wall and gate. He is lying-hay-hay-on soft place.’ The place indicated a granary in the stable yard. The great entrance door was locked; the key was not in the lock. They ran back to fetch it and entering found a small door which had been previously overlooked. This door was also locked, the key being in the keyhole on the outside. They opened it with the greatest caution. On a heap of hay and oats the medium was comfortably lying, immersed in profound sleep.”


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Teleportation of logic operations is one way do that without direct quantum mechanical connections (physical connections for the exchange of classical information will still be needed).
In many researches on quantum controlled teleportation, it has been realized that one-qubit unknown state can be transmitted by using of the three-particle entangled states as quantum channel.
You can't even say that the teleportation device went wrong, because if it goes wrong you're dead, your atoms scattered across the earth, and maintaining the fiction of your death until your friend dies is incredibly inconvenient.
In fact, through the combination of post-state selection and quantum teleportation, it can be ensured that System 2, the incipient Hawking particle, is in the exact same state as that of System 1, the infalling bit of matter.
But quantum teleportation systems could create quantum repeaters, which could be chained together to extend networks farther.
The QUESS satellite will also test the possibilities of communication via quantum 'teleportation,' using an entangled pair of photons.
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Quantum teleportation--a method of communicating information from one location to another without physically having to move it--has been taken to a higher level by a team of scientists by using certain high-dimensional states (which they dubbed "donut" states) for teleportation. Stony Brook (N.Y.) University physicist Tzu-Chieh Wei and colleagues demonstrated that their method works, is more reliable than previous teleportation schemes, and could be a stepping stone toward building a quantum communications network.