Telescopic Sight

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telescopic sight

[¦tel·ə¦skäp·ik ′sīt]
Gunsight equipped with a telescope.

Telescopic Sight


a viewfinder whose optical components form a telescopic (afocal) system.

In the USSR, telescopic systems consisting of a negative, or diverging, objective and a positive, or converging, eyepiece are found in cameras equipped with rangefinders and in some amateur motion-picture cameras. Such viewfinders are of small size and provide a reduced erect image of the object being photographed. They are known as direct-vision optical viewfinders.

Reflex cameras and professional motion-picture cameras employ a telescopic system with a positive objective and eyepiece. Systems of this type produce magnified images of the object being photographed but must be equipped with an inversion system in order to obtain an erect image.

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In December 1914 the Militia Department asked the government for approval to purchase 832 Warner & Swasey (W&S) telescopic sights and mounts.
the above impression struck me as being as near murder as anything I ever could think of in connection with the army & I always had a horror of that branch of the service." The painter added emphasis in the margins with a small drawing of a man caught in the crosshairs of a telescopic sight. The ability to enhance the distant combatant optically and draw him near is the crux of "A Sharp-Shooter." The advent of the telescopic sight collapsed distance--literal and moral--and added to the destabilization of place in the modern psyche.
In the Small Arms Firing Regulations of 1904 and 1906, the army authorized the use of telescopic sights by " ...
The new Action Man figures will continue the modern-day hero range, rather than returning to the military versions of the 1970s - but they will still come with a range of weapons equipped with telescopic sights.
Sharpshooters outside the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower Hotel did not have telescopic sights, so they could not get off a shot for fear of killing hostages rather than the terrorists.
In a statement of admission the jury heard that in September 2004, two SA80 rifles, each fitted with telescopic sights with night vision capability, had been stolen from the barracks of the Irish Guards.
Also in the haul was a Wolfer semi-automatic rifle, worth pounds 600, and a pounds 2,250 Remmington rifle, both fitted with silencers and telescopic sights, and a large quantity of bullets and other ammunition.
In his spare time, Hooke was an inveterate instrument maker who had designs for barometers, telescopic sights, calculating machines, and watches.
The army is shooting at empty areas, instead of destroying the places from where a sniper sees a baby in his telescopic sights and murders her in cold blood.
Telescopic sights do the same thing for handguns as they do for rifles-- allow more precise shot placement than either iron or dot sights.
Police seized a powerful machine gun and a rifle fitted with telescopic sights and silencer in a raid yesterday on the offices of a loyalist political party in Northern Ireland.
Activity such as this is part of the endless parade of changes that make Jupiter one of most dynamic telescopic sights. Unlike the static beauty of nearby Saturn, Jupiter is always full of surprises.