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When we hear pretentious talks about "schimbarea look-ului" ("changing the look"), about "trendul din moda" ("the trend in fashion"), when the televiewers or radio listeners are invited to take part in a "chat"("chat"), when there is a TV announcement about a "romance", ("romance"), one may actually come to include these neologisms in one's vocabulary and, according to Ion Creanga's formula, one may come to distort one's mother tongue to such an extent that nobody can understand anything.
Before Australia played England at the Oval in 2001, he advised televiewers to look at the patch of ground at short fine-leg.
Since there will be a continuous link to the surface, there will be the opportunity to have high resolution instrumentation at the lens head, such as televiewers and analyzers to determine results of a particular action.
Sport will dispense with live spectators altogether and all games will be played for the benefit of pay-per-view televiewers.
How important is the "last episode" to American televiewers? A 30-second commercial spot costs $1,500,000.
Though the Kefauver Crime Committee hearings of March 1951 can claim priority as a congressional TV show, and subsequent political spectacles (the Watergate hearings, the Iran Contra hearings, the Thomas-Hill hearings) would rivet the attention of later generations of American televiewers, for sheer theatricality and narrative force the Army-McCarthy hearings remain the genre prototype -- not least because the constitutional drama has been kept alive in memory through a pathbreaking compilation film, Emile de Antonio's Point of Order!
Louis televiewers, I guess I've had it up to my vestibular fenestra with the self-anointed, print-appointed "experts" on television news.
Through Magsasaka TV, Villamin and his team of dedicated professionals take televiewers and radio listeners to various places and faces in the vast farmlands all over the country, serving as a vehicle in sharing and showing the developments taking place in a modern farming corporation such as DV Boer Farm International.
Televiewers will once again see Sam in another grey character in the Kapamilya network's newest primetime offering Halik that is set to air beginning Aug.
For UK televiewers, the 2014 Oscars will be aired exclusively on Sky Movies with Red Carpet Live coverage from 11:30 P.M.