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A single television picture tube can contain up to 10 pounds of lead powder, a substance that is highly poisonous to human nervous systems.
This scan comprises a series of horizontal traces across a two-dimensional angular area, much like the way the beam in a television picture tube covers the face of the screen.
At one time, the television picture tube manufacturer employed as many 3,000 workers.
to custom design, build and install a Unibilt enclosed track overhead conveyor system at its television picture tube plant in Gomez, Mexico.
of Japan acquired more than half of Hankuk Electric Glass Co., a television picture tube producer affiliated with the Daewoo Group.
With continuous pressure from sponsors to move the show to television and because coast-to-coast transmission did not yet exist, Edwards was relieved when Simon suggested using 35mm film instead of a kinescope to deliver a clear, crisp picture to viewers nationwide, who would have otherwise had to watch a show constructed by pointing a movie camera at a television picture tube.
A television picture tube, for example, contains five to 10 pounds of lead powder, which can escape and enter the air or groundwater, said Sarah Grimm, waste reduction specialist with the Lane County Solid Waste Management Division.
The Promolux lamps are multicoated with rare earth phosphors that are most often found in television picture tube coating.
In 1959, Kyocera began manufacturing ceramic insulators for television picture tubes and later became the world leader in fine (advanced) ceramics, producing electronic components, semiconductor process components, and parts for LCDs and LEDs, among other applications.
Gold bars are also being smuggled in concealed objects like the capacitors of television picture tubes, emergency lamp batteries, computer hard discs and even converting it into stapler pins and other materials with a silver-colored coating.
Brazil accused PT Indo Barat Rayon and PT South Pacific Viscose of selling viscose staple fiber at dumping prices, and producer of cathode ray color television picture tubes PT LP Displays is facing similar allegation from India.
Promolux lamps are multicoated with rare earth phosphors, most often associated with television picture tubes. The result is an 86-percent decrease in the emission of harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can greatly reduce the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, causing fresh greens to wilt, berries to overripen, and various other damage and discoloration.

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