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(cell and molecular biology)
A centromere in the terminal position on a chromosome.



the terminal segment of a chromosome. When chromosomes become fragmented, as through the action of ionizing radiation, some of the fragments may reunite, but they never reunite along the telomere. Consequently, telomeres prevent the joining of other segments of chromosomes.

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Life LengthEeA, the world leader in telomere diagnostics and analysis, announced an agreement with the Freiburg Medical Laboratory Middle East (FML) in Dubai to offer the telomere test to its patients.
Using data from the Nurses' Health Study, researchers sought to determine whether diet could help to retain telomere length.
Meditation is one of at least four strategies that individuals can pursue on their own that appear to directly affect cell aging and result in longer telomeres. A small study published October 2013 in The Lancet Oncology found that participants who meditated for 60 minutes a day and made three additional lifestyle changes experienced significant telomere lengthening over a period of five years, while participants who continued their normal lifestyle experienced telomere shortening.
"In contrast, those who have internalized an anti-black bias may be less able to cope with racist experiences, which may result in greater stress and shorter telomeres."
The University of Utah has more on telomeres and their role in your health.
Previous studies have linked these foods to shorter telomeres. So you may need to eat a consistently healthy diet to benefit.
In this way, it allows telomere duplication and telomerase regulation, which is the enzyme that elongates telomeres.
They determined everyone's aerobic fitness and drew blood to measure telomere length in their white blood cells (which usually are used in studies of telomeres, because they are so readily accessible).
They have found a close link between the length of a person's telomeres and the length of their life.
Nevertheless, recent studies have shown that telomeres can also be shortened due to behavioural, environmental and psychological factors.
It turns out telomeres among women who have children are the equivalent of 11 years shorter, a change larger than has been reported for smoking or obesity.
Telomeres are specialized sections of DNA that allow chromosomes to be faithfully copied during cell division.

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