temperature controller

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An instrument which responds to changes in temperature, and directly or indirectly controls temperature.
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Wethje, invested in three TEMPROplus 0180 dual zone temperature controllers to temper a new working cell that uses the Prepreg Compression Moulding (PCM) technique.
And because the IMS water cooled temperature controller has a compact layout, it occupies less floor space, while remaining effortlessly portable with mounted casters.
Robertson, including tubular heaters, thermocouples, solid-state relays and temperature controllers. Watlow's engineers and programmers created a unique temperature controller for the YieldKing oven.
Single temperature controllers had already appeared with the Churchill badge before Conair Europe went under.
Safety equipment is on-board to handle flammable solvents, including explosion-venting door hardware, manual reset excess temperature controller, back-up heating element relay, separately powered forced exhauster, exhauster airflow safety switch, recirculating blower airflow safety switch and purge timer.
The combined action of temperature controller, gas mixer and humidifier acting on the stage-top chamber ensures that the conditions are right for every specimen.
Before installing the Duo enabled temperature controller the cooling time represented half of the cycle time.
Each hopper has its own booster heater and temperature controller. The hopper bank has a temperature range of 70 F to 350 F without need for after-coolers.
The Isoplaten's unique thermal uniformity permits the use of one single-zone temperature controller for the entire platen.
The bench oven also provides a programmable and recording temperature controller, 10" diameter circular chart, and a manual-reset excess-temperature controller with separate contactors.

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