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, templet
1. a gauge or pattern, cut out in wood or metal, used in woodwork, etc., to help shape something accurately
2. a pattern cut out in card or plastic, used in various crafts to reproduce shapes
3. Biochem the molecular structure of a compound that serves as a pattern for the production of the molecular structure of another specific compound in a reaction
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(computer science)
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template, templet

1. A pattern, usually of sheet material, used as a guide for setting out work and in repeating dimensions.
2. A piece of stone, metal, or timber placed in a wall to receive the impost of a beam, girders, etc., and to distribute its load.
3. A beam or plate spanning a door or window space to sustain joists and transfer their load to piers.
4. One of the wedges in a building block.
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The festival is put on entirely by volunteers, who number about 650, according to Templet. When residents see leaders investing their time, they will get involved, he said.
BLINKERS FIRST TIME: 2.20 Noble Tiger, 4.20 Templet (v).
Designed with a templet system for custom or production manufacturing, the Panel Router is an easy, efficient method of putting straight line grooves in boards.
The incident caused a dramatic knock-on effect with Garden Society, Tender Trap and Beauchamp Trump all getting brought down, while Come What July, Wotchalike and Templet were badly hampered.
The fatal fall caused a mass pile-up, with Garden Society, Tender Trap and Beauchamp Trump being brought down, while Come What July, Wotchalike and Templet were badly hampered and unseated their riders.
Perhaps one of the most notable theories that has come directly from entomology and which had general appeal to ecologists is the Habitat Templet by the entomologist T.R.E Southwood (1977).
As General Sir Gerald Templet explained during the Malayan Emergency, "The answer lies not with putting more boots into the jungle, but in winning the hearts and minds of the Malayan people." Thus, the U.S.
After buying used equipment from a Seattle brewery and finding a brew master--originally John Templet, now Charlie Kling--on the Internet, Diamond Bear started brewing on Sept.
Ian Williams' old-stager hardly broke sweat when scoring by three and a half lengths from Templet in softish going at Hamilton earlier this month.
Also, these studies have not addressed how the institutional structures and administrative design of environmental programs may influence growth (Meyer, 1992; Hall, 1994; Templet, 1995; Goetz, Ready, and Stone, 1996).