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temporary (electrical) service

Electrical service used for a limited time during construction, exhibits, or similar temporary purposes.
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Parts of Birmingham's identity are its enthusiasm for the motor car and its resistance to the bicycle, the builtin obsolescence and temporariness of its redevelopment, its confusion of size with quality, its unconcern for history and its wilful destruction of previous generations' architecture.
Constructing and "Liberating" Temporariness in the Canadian Non-profit Sector: Neoliberalism and Non-profit Service Providers.
There was scant consolation to be derived from the temporariness and gradualness of the displacement of human labour by machines.
At the Temporary-permanent divide: How Canada produces temporariness and makes citizens through its security, work, and settlement policies.
Flavin once said that the temporariness of art was inevitable, and imagined a scenario in which his work would be declared void upon his death.
Moreover, higher education institutes are considered long-term, sustainable institutions, whereas refugee camps, although having in many cases existed for several decades, still carry a connotation of temporariness (Zeus, 2011).
Adjectival Modification and Order Restrictions: The Influence of Temporariness on Prenominal Word Order
The term describes these migrants' position in a legal state of permanent temporariness. This phrase has been used previously, with specific reference to Indians in Dubai, to capture the fact that migrants are often barred from obtaining citizenship (Vora 2013).
Instead, many workers may find themselves in a state of permanent temporariness, exempt from many benefits and protections due to the nature of their recurring, short-term contracts (Vosko 2006).
Between the years of 1995 and 2013, in the seventeen countries, there were ninety-six governments either complete or incomplete due to term interruptions, temporariness of the president, term beginning before the year of 1995 or continuity until a posterior year to 2013.
Nevertheless, the 'permanent temporariness' of the bus stop remains a marker of the crossing of urban and rural relations.
Many liminal positions lack institutional permanence--it is their very temporariness that makes the positions liminal.

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