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A steel plate for transmitting and distributing a column load to the supporting foundation material.
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1. A metal plate used to distribute a nonuniform load.
2. A metal plate on which a column rests.
3. A metal plate used as a foundation for heavy machinery; a bed plate.
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"Strikes' temporary base has been kitted out with all the features and facilities that customers expect to see in a garden centre - as well as many more.
Consequently, UNMISS said, the temporary base operated by the Indian battalion was established in February 2018 to help protect civilians and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people, making it the first UN peacekeeping presence in a rebel-held territory of the war-torn country.
The boxing club has had a temporary base in a car park since the fire last June.
Tottenham Hotspur, like Chelsea a London-based club in the Premier League, are currently using Wembley as a temporary base while a successor ground to their White Hart Lane home is built.
There's also the question of whether they should move out to a temporary base while the work is done - which most MPs are loathe to do - or stay in Parliament and have the builders work around them, which pushes up the price.
It also served as a temporary base for circuses visiting Huddersfield.
The fire engines and staff have now moved to a temporary base at the old ambulance station site in Foleshill Road.
A warehouse complex being used as a temporary base for TV show Outlander will now be retained and expanded.
Staff are now looking for a temporary base so they can reduce the disruption caused to youngsters' routines.
Fusilier Hefyn Hughes and his father John CSM on exercise in Gibraltar | RAF mounntain rescue team in a blizzard at 3,000ft, in 1964 The Americans are coming!: In September 1982 RAF Valley acted as a temporary base for a squadron of AVS American Harriers, |led by Lt Col Harry Blot, who is pictured here Armoured tractor ploughing fields littered with shells in |August 1969 to reclaim an Artillery range at Trawsfynydd Royal Welch Fusiliers march back to their barracks at Hight-|own, Wrexham after the service at the War Memorial in 1967 WRAC enthusiasts in Llandudno in March 1954.
The operation is intensifying airstrikes on roads leading to the southern city of Aden, the temporary base of legitimate government, to hinder any advance by the Houthis and their supporters, Brig.
Britain's Royal Navy has maintained a temporary base in Bahrain since 1980 but the new arrangement will allow a full-time staff to work there on a permanent basis and the base will have the capacity to cope with much larger vessels than the four minehunters currently based in Mina Salman.

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