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Feature Tooth Temporary Dentition Winging ui1 Crowding Ui2 Upper central incisors ui1 Upper lateral incisors ui2 Double shovel ui1 Carabelli cusp um2 Reduction of the hypocone um2 Metaconules um2 Protostylid um2 Layered fold lm2 Cusp pattern lm2 Number of cusps lm2 Cusp 6 lm2 Cusp 7 im2 Permanent Dentition Winging UI1 Feature Tooth Crowding ui2 Upper incisors UI1 Shovel-shaped Incisors UI2 Double shovel UI1 Carabelli cusp UM1/UM2 Reduction of the hypocone UM1/UM2 Metaconules UM1/UM2 Protostylid LM1/LM2 Layered fold LM1/LM2 Cusp pattern LM1/LM2 Number of cusps LM1/LM2 Cusp 6 LM1/LM2 Cusp 7 LM1/LM2 Feature Gradation Temporary Dentition Winging 0.

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