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ten tribes:

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10 Israelite tribes that, according to the Bible, were transported to Assyria by Tiglathpileser III or Shalmaneser after the conquest of Israel in 722 B.C. Numerous conjectures have been advanced as to the fate of these tribes: they have been identified with the
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Another claim he investigated had the Ten Tribes making their way to China.
(16.) See George Cary, The Medieval Alexander (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1956), 18, for a description of the enclosure of the Ten Tribes. See Andrew Runni Anderson, Alexander's Gate, Gog and Magog and the Inclosed Nations (Cambridge, MA: Medieval Academy of America, 1937), 60; and Shamma Aharonm Boyarin, "Diasporic Culture and the Makings of Alexander Romances," Ph.D.
I prove that the Ten Tribes never returned to the Second Temple, that they yet kept the Law of Moses, and our sacred rites; and at last shall return to their Land, with the two Tribes, Judah and Benjamin; and shall be governed by one Prince, who is Messiah the Son of David; and without doubt that time is near, which I make appear by divers things ...
Ten tribes and five national organizations participated in the four-year project.
In the Conclusion, Benite writes that the question of "where are the ten tribes" has undergone a major transformation.
Her latest novel Tales of the Ten Lost Tribes takes its name from the myth of the ten tribes of Israel who were banished by the Assyrians then lost in time.
The Foundation has classified ten tribes of the road:
The prophet Ahijah the Shilonite says to Jeroboam that God has told him: "Here, I will tear the kingdom from Solomon and give it to the ten tribes. But one tribe shall remain for him for the sake of My servant David and Jerusalem, the city that I have chosen from all the tribes of Israel....
In its earliest versions, Christian Identity claimed to have discovered the lost ten tribes of Israel under Celtic and Anglo-Saxon skin.
The CO, LCol Glen Campbell, was fluent in many native tongues; and since many of the representatives of almost ten tribes spoke no English, it was not uncommon for drills and administrative matters to be conducted in Cree or Ojibwa languages.
Indeed the earliest choruses would have been composed of amateur contestants drawn from the ten tribes or demes of Athens.
For instance, the identification of the Ten Tribes with Gog and Magog provides a fresh perspective on the long-unexplained charges of ritual cannibalism leveled at Jews (e.g.