tenement house

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tenement house:

see apartment houseapartment house,
building having three or more dwelling units. Numerous early examples of this form of dwelling have been found in remains of Roman and medieval cities and in the 17th-cent. Pueblo villages of North America.
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; HouseHouse, Edward Mandell,
1858–1938, American political figure, adviser to President Wilson, b. Houston. Active in Texas politics, he was (1882–92) campaign manager and adviser to Gov. James Hogg and his successors.
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; housinghousing,
in general, living accommodations available for the inhabitants of a community. Throughout the 19th cent., with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, housing as a problem worsened as urban populations expanded.
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In The Tenement House Problem, edited by Robert DeForest and Lawrence Veiller, 419-43.
The bourgeois culture, which has introduced to the Polish experience the life (also fictional) in a tenement house so late and for such a short period of time, has soon found an epilogue in the form of a brick torn from a building wall and the (anti-)aesthetics of a post-war ruin.
I hereby suggest that this be one of the first problems we handle, and, if possible, we secure such legislation as will compel every person or corporation * who shall in the future erect a tenement house to connect each room with an individual ventilating flue, to be not less than 8 in.
The Zoning Resolution updated the 1901 Tenement House Act, which sought to regulate the height of apartment buildings.
Biography of a tenement house in New York City; an architectural history of 97 Orchard St.
You can t really get close to the poor without living and being here with them," King told a crowd of reporters and photographers gathered at the tenement house.
Early one December morning, a blaze broke out in a tenement house.
Progressivists mapped and photographed "in accurate scientific form" the conditions of tenement living for the exhibition in 1899, which led to Lawrence Veiller's New York State Tenement House Law (1901).
call to a tenement house could be set as the beginning of a Williams poem: I found a man/Who had been shot in the chest.
She was propped up in her chair in a tenement house not five minutes' walk from the Central Station in Newcastle.