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portable shelter of canvas, skins, felt, matting, or other material usually supported by poles and used chiefly by nomads, hunters, and campers. Tents have been used by pastoral peoples since ancient times and are mentioned in the Old Testament and in Homer. Persian tents, usually circular, were early noted for rich hangings and rugs. Army tents developed by ancient peoples include the small, skin-covered tents of the Greeks and the Roman tents of canvas supported by two upright poles and a ridgepole. Medieval military tents were round or oval and were often lavishly hung with silks or furs. Army tents were widely used in Europe in the 17th and 18th cent. but are now employed chiefly for training purposes. Modern types include bell tents with a central pole; the A tents with sides sloping from a ridgepole; and the marquee, a large field tent, used for mess or hospital shelters. Smaller tents for recreational camping and backpacking include dome, "flashlight," and other designs that typically use shock-corded aluminum or fiberglass poles and lightweight fabrics. The yurt, a circular, felt-covered structure of latticework surmounted by curved poles fitted at the top into a ring forming a smoke hole, has long been used by nomads of the Asian steppes. Desert tribespeople of W Asia and North Africa generally use a ridgepole tent. One of the simplest tent forms is the windbreak, which was mainly used in Patagonia. See also tepeetepee
or tipi
, typical dwelling of Native North Americans living on the Great Plains. It was usually made by arranging tent poles into a conical frame and spreading skins, usually buffalo hide, tightly over it. An aperture was generally left at the top for smoke.
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What does it mean when you dream about a tent?

A tent in a dream could mean protection or it could mean feeling a part of the natural world. Tents can be symbols of nomadic life, of feeling on the move and not being able to put down roots.


1 Med
a plug of soft material for insertion into a bodily canal, etc., to dilate it or maintain its patency


Obsolete a red table wine from Alicante, Spain
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Huck and her two children, Jared, 8, and Rebecca, 5, play in the Fortamajig, a tentlike toy developed by Mrs.
When managers of the Mexico City daily ExcElsior suspended more than 60 employees without pay for 180 days last July, the workers reacted with a traditional Mexican tactic: They constructed a tentlike planton permanente in front of the paper, and plastered caricatures of directors and appeals to passersby on its gleaming offices at the "Corner of Information" along elegant Reforma Boulevard.
The women, in particular, tend to be overweight or draped in huge, tentlike outfits.
Overall impression: tentlike ethnic matriarchal costumes worn over wetsuits and down vests.
Or, more accurately, it turned to a temporary tentlike structure that took only 28 days to erect.
(He would return to Sarasota in the late '60s to design the church's tentlike sanctuary, which incorporated wood-on-steel cables and concrete.) The forms and shapes might differ from church to church, but the general spirit was uplifting, and the admission of Sarasota sunlight through large expanses of glass enhanced the feeling of a heavenly presence (although it made for some climate control problems, too).
Two large tentlike structures resembling Quonset huts, a doublewide trailer facility, and a newly constructed addition to the student union building (undamaged by the earthquake) were chosen for this IAQ investigation.
These tentlike structures, along with associated air filtration and dust collection equipment, require lengthy set-up and can disrupt traffic flow on bridge projects.
At the time of Paucke's arrival, the settlement consisted of a small thatch-roofed adobe church, straw huts for the Mocobi, and individual tentlike dwellings for the missionaries that were made of hides without mud, anchored to the ground with stakes.
He also longs to develop the apostolate's hillside property with a 600-room motel -- able to sleep 2,000 -- and with trailer, log cabin or tentlike facilities for 800 more guests.
Every summer, honey bees from about 700 hives can be seen buzzing through the mustard, zinnias, wild sunflowers, and melons being grown in the tentlike cages.
Often, hard plastic mini-tunnels underneath the tentlike main structure keep delicate ground crops (such as melons) moist, warm, and safe from bruising night and day.