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10^12 flops.

Intel beat Hitachi to the record of 1.06 teraflops, on 04 Dec 1996, unofficially in Beverton, Oregon, using 7264 Pentium Pro chips.
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(tera FLoating point OPerations per Second) One trillion floating point operations per second. IBM's BlueGene/L supercomputer, designed for computational science at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, was upgraded in 2007 from 65,536 to 106,496 processing nodes, where each added node had twice the memory of the old. The result for BlueGene/L: a peak speed of 596 teraFLOPS.

Human TeraFLOPS
It has been said that the human brain processes 100 teraFLOPS; however, the older one gets, that seems to be a gross exaggeration!
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To put this storage revolution in perspective, the first teraflop supercomputer, ASCI Red, was built in 1996 for a cost of $46M ($67M in current dollars).
The supercomputing cluster has more than 200 of the latest processors, each with four processing cores, which together deliver 5.9 teraflops (trillions of floating point operations per second) of performance.
"Today consumers use microprocessors with two and four cores, however in the coming years, the numbers of cores on a microprocessor will continue to grow, launching an era of vastly more powerful computers, as demonstrated by the 'Teraflop Research Chip'", stated Samir Al Schamma, Intel general manager, GCC.
Nasa's Columbia is reportedly capable of reaching speeds of 42.7 teraflops in benchmarking tests.
"This is another teraFLOP system for Linux NetworX, showing our commitment to leading Linux clusters into the next era of supercomputing."
The Japan Marine Science & Technology Center said Thursday its parallel supercomputer ''Earth Simulator'' at its research institute in Yokohama has logged the world's fastest computing speed of 35.61 teraflops.
In 1989 I described the situation in high-performance computers in science and engineering, including several parallel architectures that could deliver teraflop power by 1995, but with no price constraint [2].
The computer has now recorded a speed in excess one teraflop, which is equivalent to a trillion floating point calculations per second.
These high-density platforms deliver teraflop performance with greatly reduced cost and space requirements.
In 1989, Bell envisioned a state of high performance computing that could deliver teraflop power by 1995.
Sony may not have a 6 teraflop console but it does have one advantage - a slew of triple A first party games including God of War, The Last of Us 2 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy to name a few.