terminal area forecast

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terminal area forecast (TAF)

i. A weather forecast for the area around a specific airport, indicating conditions for several hours into the future. The same as a terminal forecast.
ii. Historical and forecast data for enplanements, airport operations, and instrument operations to assist the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and state aviation authorities in meeting their planning, budgeting, and staffing requirements.
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Under the system, pilots will receive text messages, including routine and special weather reports, Terminal Area Forecasts, and Pilot Reports issued by the FAA or the National Weather Service at no cost.
Through TIS-B and FIS-B data, the RANGR FDL-978-XVR gives aircraft access to high integrity traffic data as well as a variety of free weather data including: Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METARs), Non-Routine Aviation Weather Reports (SPECIs), Terminal Area Forecasts (TAFs) and their amendments, graphical NEXRAD (regional and CONUS) precipitation maps, Airmen's Meteorological Conditions (AIRMET), Significant Meteorological Conditions (SIGMET) and Convective SIGMET, Winds and Temperatures Aloft and Pilot Reports (PIREPS).

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