terminal emulator

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terminal emulator

A program that allows a computer to act like a (particular brand of) terminal, e.g. a vt-100. The computer thus appears as a terminal to the host computer and accepts the same escape sequences for functions such as cursor positioning and clearing the screen.

xterm is a terminal emulator for the X Window System.
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terminal emulation

Using hardware or software in a desktop computer to make it perform like a terminal to a minicomputer or mainframe. Popular in the 1980s when a central computer such as an IBM or DEC mainframe was the common type of server. VT100-500 terminals and 3270 terminals were commonly emulated for DEC and IBM respectively. See 3270 emulator, twinax card, virtual terminal and xterm.

The IBM 3270 Terminal Emulator
This "IRMA" plug-in card from Digital Communications Associates was used to connect PCs and Mac computers to an IBM 3274 terminal controller for mainframe connectivity.
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Reflection 2011, Attachmate's family of next-generation terminal emulators, securely connects browser and Windows users to applications on IBM, UNIX, and OpenVMS hosts.
They run Windows CE, Linux or selected other operating systems, and support multiple terminal emulator software options.
The new version adds terminal modules for TYMNET's asynchronous IBM 3270 terminal emulator, TYMNET 78, and Crosstalk Communications' remote-access communications software, Remote2.
"We really want to send a clear message to international organizations that use Attachmate[R], MicroFocus[R] (formerly NetManage[R]), IBM[R] and other terminal emulation products: Zephyr can save you substantial sums of money by using PASSPORT as an alternative terminal emulator," Martin continued.
You can "protect stored cardholder data," with the right terminal emulator by masking primary account numbers.
PTR is a flexible print delivery application designed for airline multi-device networks that complements INFOConnect ALC Terminal Emulator. PTR not only supports shared printers and host devices, it also supports intelligent peripherals such as credit card readers, specialized printers used for ticket generation, and point of sale terminals used to print receipts.
(Nasdaq:NETM), Cupertino, Calif., a leading supplier of eBusiness access and application integration solutions, has announced that its NetManage 3270 Terminal Emulator will ship with Microsoft's future SNA Server codenamed "Babylon."
Wang Labs offers a $250 Prestel software terminal emulator, equipping a Wang PC to retrieve Prestel videotex frames from both public videotex services and private in-house videotex systems.
Enhancements to the SecureWay host integration family of products include: SecureWay Host On-Demand Version 4 -- the latest release of IBM's premiere, Java-based terminal emulator that provides secure browser access to host applications.
Users of Stingray's Software Development Kit (SDK) simply record host sessions using the provided terminal emulator GUI and automatically generate Java Legacy Business Objects(TM) (LBOs(TM)) that encapsulate screen navigation and getting/setting of screen data.

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