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Introduction of a 30-nt deletion starting at the 212th position from the ORF termination codon in the 3' NCR of DENV-4 reduced the ability of the virus to propagate in vivo and in vitro (16).
The NS3-Reverse primer (5'-AGAGAGGAATTCACTAGAATGGAAGCAGTAA-3') contains the 3' of the ORF (bases 717 to 734, in italics), the EcoR1 restriction site (bold) and the termination codon (bold italics) (Fig.
Incomplete termination codon (T) is in the process of transcription by TAA after the formation affixed Poly (A) terminal translated (Clayton, 1991).
Identification of a novel termination codon mutation (TAA [right arrow] TAT, Term [right arrow] Tyr) in the [[alpha].
Although all possible changes except the conservative TGC to TGT and the TGC to the termination codon TGA have been found in codon 634 in MEN 2A families, TGC (Cys) to TAC (Tyr) and TGC to CGC (Arg) are by far the most prevalent.
The (+1 G [right arrow] C) substitution of apo CII-Hamburg gives rise to abnormally spliced apo CII messenger RNA, which contains a termination codon next to the site of the mutation.
Translation initiation and translation termination codons were identified using genetic codon table for mitochondrion in MEGA 4.
We will identify and characterize novel molecules that can induce translational read-through of premature termination codons in nonsense mutant TP53 and expression of full length p53 protein.