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1. any of the divisions of the academic year during which a school, college, etc., is in session
2. Law
a. an estate or interest in land limited to run for a specified period
b. the duration of an estate, etc.
c. (formerly) a period of time during which sessions of courts of law were held
d. time allowed to a debtor to settle
3. Maths either of the expressions the ratio of which is a fraction or proportion, any of the separate elements of a sequence, or any of the individual addends of a polynomial or series
4. Logic
a. the word or phrase that forms either the subject or predicate of a proposition
b. a name or variable, as opposed to a predicate
c. one of the relata of a relation
d. any of the three subjects or predicates occurring in a syllogism
5. Architect a sculptured post, esp one in the form of an armless bust or an animal on the top of a square pillar
6. Australian Rules football the usual word for quarter
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(1) A word or word group that provides a precise definition of a concept and of its relations to other concepts within a particular subject field. Within that field, terms serve as specifying limiting definitions of their objects and phenomena and of their attributes and relationships.

Terms are significant only within a particular terminology. Unlike the meaning of words in the common language, the meaning of terms is not related to context. Within a particular system of concepts, a term is ideally monosemous, systematic, and stylistically neutral; examples are “phoneme,” “sinus,” and “surplus value.” Terms and nonterms, or words of colloquial speech, may shade into one another.

Terms are subject to the word-forming, grammatical, and phonetic rules of a given language. Terms are established either by assigning a specialized meaning to words of colloquial speech, or by means of borrowing and caiques of foreign terms. Modern linguistic scholarship tends toward the use of internationalisms in terminology and toward the semantic standardization of terminological systems within a particular discipline in different languages, that is, toward a monosemous correspondence among terms in different languages.

(2) In logic, an element of formalized language corresponding to the subject or object in the usual grammatical sense; also, the subject of a proposition in traditional logic. In the most widely accepted view, a term is an element of the premise of the propositions (statements) that form part of a categorical syllogism. Terms may be major, middle, or minor. A major term serves as the predicate (logical predicate) of a proposition that is the conclusion of a given syllogism. A minor term is the subject (logical subject) of the conclusion. A middle term does not form part of a syllogism’s conclusion, but it does form part of the proposition that serves as the syllogism’s premise.

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For an expression, any one of several quantities whose sum is the expression.
For a fraction, either the numerator or the denominator.
A set of (2 S +1)(2 L +1) atomic states belonging to a definite configuration and to definite spin and orbital angular momentum quantum numbers S and L.
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terminal figure, terminal statue

A decorative figure in which a head, or a head and bust, or the human figure to the waist and including the arms, is incorporated with (as if it were springing out of) a pillar which serves as its pedestal.
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A program by Michael O'Reilly <michael@iinet.com.au> for people running Unix who have Internet access via a dial-up connection, and who don't have access to SLIP, or PPP, or simply prefer a more lightweight protocol. TERM does end-to-end error-correction, compression and mulplexing across serial links. This means you can upload and download files as the same time you're reading your news, and can run X clients on the other side of your modem link, all without needing SLIP or PPP.

Latest version: 1.15.



Technology Enabled Relationship Management.
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