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(organic chemistry)
C10H17OH A combustible, colorless liquid with a lilac scent, derived from pine oil, soluble in alcohol, slightly soluble in water, boils at 214-224°C; used in medicine, perfumes, soaps, and disinfectants, and as an antioxidant, a flavoring agent, and a solvent; isomeric forms are alpha-, beta- and gamma-.



(also α-terpineol, l-p-menthen-8-ol), an unsaturated monocyclic alcohol of the terpene class. Terpineol occurs as colorless crystals and has a lilac odor. Its melting point is 36.9°C, and its boiling point 219°C. It is soluble in alcohol but not in water. Terpineol is contained in insignificant amounts in many essential oils, such as orange oil and neroli oil.

Terpineol is obtained industrially by dehydration of terpin hydrate or by direct hydration of the terpene hydrocarbons contained in turpentine oil. When obtained synthetically, it also contains the isomers β-and-γ-terpineol. Terpineol is used as an ingredient in perfumes and as a foaming agent in the flotation of ores of nonferrous metals. The esters of terpineol, such as terpinyl acetate, are also used in perfumes.

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For reference standards we used [alpha]-pinene, 99 percent pure, 0.85 g [mL.sup.-1] density (Acros Organic, Somerville, New Jersey); [beta]-pinene, 97 percent pure, 0.86 g [mL.sup.-1] density (Alpha Aesar, Ward Hill, Massachusetts); terpineol, 90 percent pure, with a density of 0.93 g [mL.sup.-1] (Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp., New Brunswick, New Jersey); limonene, 97 percent pure, 0.842 g [mL.sup.-1]; and (-)-frarcs-caryophyllene, 98.5 percent pure, 0.902 g [mL.sup.-1] (Sigma Aldrich, Milwaukee, Wisconsin).
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In dairy products, taste panels found that only orange, lemon and grapefruit were acceptable for use in milk, but terpineol was seen to be the most effective against S.
Some examples of synthetic aromatic chemicals are amyl salicylate (clover), iso-eugenol (carnation), gamma undecalactone (peach) and terpineol (lilac).
Also, the terpineol content should be above 30% to ensure the product is effective (terpineol is an aromatic alcohol compound found in many essential oils).
His recent work preserves The Plane just as literally: he dissolves (with terpineol), scrapes (with palette knives), or sands his applied paint down to the linen, into its very weave, tattooing the linen skin.
This essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of sage leaves and is constituted mainly of Aesculetin, Alpha Humulene, Alpha Thujene, Alpha Thujone, Alpha Terpineol, Alpha Terpenines, Alpha Pinene, Alpha Maaliene, Aromadendrene, Beta Pinene, Beta Copaene, Beta Thujone, Borneol, Camphor, Cineole, Caryophyllene Oxide, Camphene, Delta Cadinenes, Linalool, Limonene, Myrcene, Ocimenes, Octenol, Paracymene, Para Cymenol, Salviol, Terpineol, Thujanol and Terpinolene.
In the composition of the lavender EO studied we find however other components recognized for their antibacterial efficacy: caryophyllene (Ozturk et al., 2009), terpinen-4-ol (Dorman and Deans, 2000; Kotan et al., 2007), borneol, a- pinene, terpineol (Dorman and Deans, 2000).
3) no muestra signos claros de agrupacion, ya que aunque las tres muestras de la parte superior izquierda de la figura estan claramente separadas, sus componentes mayoritarios son distintos (terpineol, acetato de terpinilo y linalol), tratandose por tanto de muestras aisladas en cuanto a su composicion.
For instance, lemon fibre contained, among others, 13.7% p-cymene, 7.4% [gamma]-terpinene, 5.1% [alpha]-terpinolene, 4.7% [alpha]- terpineol, and several other compounds at lower percentages.