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she moves through a highly structured day with laser-intense focus that allows her to achieve maximum concentration and sustain the motivation necessary for her Terpsichorean creativity and Herculean productivity.
In the piece, which premiered at the Japan Society in New York City this past February, the cast and creators braid together a skein of influences--Western and Eastern, American and Japanese, commercial, terpsichorean and literary.
Appearing in small type at the bottom of a column of advertising under the heading "Amusements," it is the sole baseball announcement among ads for "Imre Kiralfy's latest, greatest, and supreme triumph, NERO; OR THE FALL OF ROME," complete with 2,000 performers and a Terpsichorean corps of 1,000 on the very largest stage of all time, and "Pain's '1666' GREAT FIRE OF LONDON," reenacted at Manhattan Beach on Coney Island.
TOP HAT Terpsichorean Opus Perfectly Highlights Astaire's Talents
Same-sex ballroom allows for significant range in terpsichorean style; some dancers clearly choose to embrace those elements, such as the degree of extension in the "lady's" back arch in Standard, that can be read as traditionally "feminine.
Born June 22, 1909, in Chicago, she graduated from Joliet High School where she captained the girls' track and basketball teams and was a member of the Terpsichorean Club.
She was in the terpsichorean arts before assuming the domestic life with me.
It had been one of the Kid's pastimes to shoot Mexicans "to see them kick": if he demanded from them moribund Terpsichorean feats, simply that he might be entertained, what terrible and extreme penalties would be certain to follow should they anger him
In San Francisco, where a small monument stands at the site of Duncan's childhood home, Mary Sano and Her Duncan Dancers remember the artist's birthday each May with a Dionysian festival, adding a Terpsichorean celebration every November.
She's one of hundreds of hoofers who are going to tap for America, and their dedication has made me wonder about this curious manifestation of the Terpsichorean Muse.
Certainly, it might have been said, dancing does not transcribe through movements a terpsichorean plan in the dancer's mind
Skiles Howard's The Politics of Courtly Dancing in Early Modern England begins soundly if conventionally, with a terpsichorean version of the familiar tale of the Renaissance withdrawal of the elite from the common culture of the later Middle Ages.