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(te -ră) (plural: terrae) an upland area on the surface of a planet or satellite, for example the lunar highlands. The word is used in the approved name of such a feature.
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(pop culture)
Although she looked like a gawky, buck-toothed teenage girl, Tara Markov, who joined the Teen Titans as the earth-moving Terra, was not at all what she appeared. Making her debut in DC Comics' The New Teen Titans #26 (1982) in a story by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, Terra wore a tan-and-brown costume with gold trim on the boots and gloves. With powerful control over soil, stone, mud, and lava, Terra could create objects out of the very earth itself, cause earthquakes, and ride clumps of dirt through the air, defying gravity. The illegitimate daughter of the King of Markovia, Tara Markov was secretly sent to the United States; before she left, a scientist's experiments helped give the girl tremendous powers. At some point in her early teens, the very bitter and sociopathic Tara joined forces with Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke the Terminator. Together, they hatched a plan via which “poor disadvantaged orphan” Tara first opposed the Titans, then exposed her vulnerability and was invited to join the heroes. Earning the Titans' confidence, Terra fought bravely alongside them, all the while gathering their secrets and weaknesses. On a mission teaming with the Outsiders, Terra was reunited with her older brother, Brion Markov, now an earth-powered hero known as Geo-Force. Eventually, in a storyline entitled “The Judas Contract,” Terra turned on her teammates and helped Deathstroke capture them and turn them over to H.I.V.E. (Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination) for destruction. But when Nightwing and Jericho managed to help free their friends, Terra lost her slim grip on sanity and brought the cavernous H.I.V.E. complex down on top of her. Teammate Changeling found her dead body, and she was buried as a Titan. In the years since, another Terra has appeared, fighting alongside the group called Team Titans; it is unknown if this Terra is a clone, a refugee from an alternate timeline, or an amnesiac resurrected Tara Markov. The saga of Terra was also told in 2004's second season of the animated Teen Titans (2003–2006), with a similar storyline to “The Judas Contract.” The TV Terra sacrificed herself at the end of her storyline, for the good of the city and her fellow Titans. In 2004 Bandai released the first of several Terra toys and action figures.
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A bright upland or mountainous region on the surface of the moon, characterized by a lighter color than that of a mare, a relatively high albedo, and a rough texture formed by large intersecting or overlapping craters.
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Trillion (10 to the 12th power). Abbreviated "T." It often refers to the precise value 1,099,511,627,776 since computer specifications are usually binary numbers. See TB, binary values and space/time.
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