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a miniature garden in an artificial environment, in which small plants and animals may be kept as ornament or for educational purposes. Fish bowls, small fish tanks, large bottles, and carboys are often employed as containers for terrariums; such vessels permit the necessary entrance of light for photosynthesis by the plants, and are suitable for display. The most important aspect of a terrarium is its relatively high humidity, maintained either by using a container with only a small aperture or by keeping the container covered. The humid atmosphere enables mosses and other sensitive woodland plants to flourish.



an enclosure for keeping small terrestrial animals, mainly amphibians and reptiles, and for observing their habits. A terrarium consists of a box with walls that are partially covered with glass or a fine-meshed screen. The bottom has a layer of sand or soil covered with pebbles, moss, turf, and plants. A shallow vessel partially buried in the bottom is filled with water that is periodically changed.

Terrariums are usually lighted and heated electrically; however, natural lighting, preferably direct sunlight, is also necessary. A terrarium must have a constant temperature and humidity level and a flow of fresh air. An open terrarium is a small fenced-off area where animals are kept under natural conditions.


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1. an enclosure for keeping small land animals
2. a glass container, often a globe, in which plants are grown
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They are apt for open terrariums with fast-draining soils and placed in a bright, blustery position, such as a tabletop or counter in the patio or close to a window.
However, my dream is to one day own a piece of land to grow my own plants and have my own workshop there to grow and create even more terrariums.
The tiger comes out of one of the two caves in the terrarium, stands on its back paws, its front ones resting on top of the glass, and roars for a couple of seconds.
And the terrariums have much more use of graphic material and color and texture and shape.
Using wax paper or aluminum foil, students can then create actual-sized patterns for their terrariums to use as a measuring gauge.
Terrestrial terrariums benefit from the use of a false bottom that allows for filtration and a water reservoir (Figure 2).
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Terrariums are small plants grown in glass or plastic bottle.
We had snakes, scorpions and lizards in their terrariums, fish in the tanks -- it's a first for many of the kids," he said.
Terrariums are closed environments, which means they can get H-O-T inside.
Although intending to reproduce a natural environment, these terrariums are a far cry from the fields and forests of the countryside.