Terry Cloth

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terry cloth

[′ter·ē ‚klȯth]
An extremely absorbent woven or knitted cotton fabric, covered with loops on one or both sides.

Terry Cloth


(also called Turkish toweling), a linen or cotton fabric with loop pile (made from the warp thread) on one or both sides. In contrast to the pile of napped fabrics, which is formed under tension, the pile of terry cloth results from the free feeding of a somewhat slack warp. The pile is less uniform and sturdy than that of napped fabrics and lies closer to the surface of the fabric. In addition, terry cloth is usually less dense than napped fabrics. Because of its softness and ability to absorb quickly large quantities of moisture, the fabric is used to make hand towels, bath towels, robes, throw rugs, and similar articles.

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The small pieces are then sewn into the terrycloth.
Alternatively, if you want something that is easier to put on and take off, our Velcro and terrycloth wristbands would be perfect.
The pack is made by pouring the castor oil on a piece of flannel or terrycloth, applying it to the skin over any painful area, and covering it with a plastic bag or wrap and then a hot water bottle or hot pad for 30 to 60 minutes.
One trick I discovered for shooting lightweight rifles off the bench is to place a folded terrycloth towel over the front rest.
Our conversation ends abruptly with the arrival to the basement of plastic babies--a dozen of them dressed in terrycloth.
To minimize the possibility of a 6-pound yellowtail shaking a hook into a hand or worse, handle fish with terrycloth boat rags (torn up beach towel variety) or heavy duty gloves.
He shall, for the rest of his life, traipse around his apartment wearing a tattered, terrycloth robe, inhaling hand-rolled cigarettes, and drinking endless goblets of Bombay gin spritzers.
A large group of men have donned long white tunics, they have decorated themselves with white terrycloth turbans, each with a large plastic sapphire-blue gem sewn on the front.
A woman swathed in thick terrycloth tread shockingly close and paused before a monstrous, bevel-glassed mirror, taking impatient swipes at carrot-hued hair with a wooden brush.
Mantra": Terrycloth sun setting over/the old steel-wool river//The air a translucent sphere of frayed twine/the truth can be so lame//shifting forms/unchanging my hands//know what they're doing.
I believe that I was wearing a yellow terrycloth jumpsuit.
Clutching the thick lapels of her terrycloth robe at her neck, my mother calls down through the screen door.