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test paper

1. Chem paper impregnated with an indicator for use in chemical tests
2. Brit Education
a. the question sheet of a test
b. the paper completed by a test candidate

Test Paper


filter paper in strip form impregnated with a solution of a chemical indicator. Test papers permit the rapid and convenient determination of the reaction of a medium as well as the detection of a series of substances. The best known paper is litmus paper, which turns red in an acidic medium, blue in a basic medium, and violet in a neutral medium. Other test papers include starch paper for determining iodine and iodine-starch paper for determining ozone and nitrogen oxides.

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This "test paper" is a new inspection system specially designed for the innovation industry supervision mode of Yuhang Economic and Technological Development Zone.
Every evening,after a full day at school, Kelsey returns home and completes an 11 plus test paper.
Test papers are available from scientific supply companies.
A CHEATING head teacher quit yesterday after fiddling test papers to meet targets.
Using old test papers that teacher provides as study guide.
As well as offering news, e-mail and chat, an on-line library of medical resources and a job search directory, DOCTORS.net.uk caters for the next generation of doctors by providing curriculum and text book information and exam help (including online marking of test papers).
Schoolwork was also given top marks with one in five putting a record of their efforts in the capsule, including test papers and work books, and one lad who wanted to put his teacher inside!
[USPRwire, Fri Apr 26 2019] According to the survey, test papers market is going to have massive growth within six years.
He made it clear that any material that could turn out to be a helpful device for the candidate including mobile phones, textbooks, test papers, calculators is not allowed inside the examination halls.
Moi University's School of Medicine yesterday cancelled exams for fourth year students following claims the test papers had been leaked.
He said some students had approached the Peshawar High Court, which had temporarily stopped admission to medical and dental college until the rechecking of the Etea test papers by the University of Peshawar professors.
It was also alleged between about November 1 and 7 2017, she completed test papers for learners, claiming they had done them; and around November 10 that year, requested certificates for four students, although they had not completed one of the course units and the work had not been internally verified.