test tube

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test tube

1. a cylindrical round-bottomed glass tube open at one end: used in scientific experiments
2. made synthetically in, or as if in, a test tube
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Test Tube


a tube, usually made of glass, that is sealed at one end; a type of chemical laboratory vessel. Test tubes are used when working with small quantities of a substance.

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Remove 1 mL of sample from the [10.sup.-4] test tube and place it in the [10.sup.-5] test tube.
"Test tubes of absinthe strongly appeal to under-age drinkers because they get such a high concentration of alcohol at a low price," he said.
"They measure something called antioxidant capacity in test tubes, but we don't know what that means."
A metrics expert left fluid in four test tubes. Can you figure out how many milliliters (ml.) are in each tube and then find the beaker that will hold all of the combined fluid?
In fact, the boxes were being used to transport test tubes out of the lab.
With the slides handy, use the pipette to collect the liquid from the test tube. Each slide has two wells.
Clark, "Photo Show Portrays the Familiar," is used as the frontispiece for a sequence of twenty-five black-and-white documentary-style photos of locales on islands in the Detroit River and sites and sightings in and around the neighborhood where Kelley grew up: the Eloise Mental Hospital; Zug Island; the Kelleys' house in Westland, MI; a glass test tube containing "Edison's Last Breath" at the Henry Ford Museum.
An experimental test tube was filled with 70 grams of live California worms, and a small test tube was filled with 0.25 ml of 36% water solution of formaldehyde.
A team of Japanese scientists reports growing a frog's pancreas in a test tube from an undifferentiated embryo cell.
This little miracle is the first baby born to a test tube mum.
Miracle mother Pauline Lyon is set to have test tube baby No 2 just weeks short of her 56th birthday.
Pioneering test tube baby technology will be used to help families whose children could be born with appalling illnesses.