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Increasing magnification to 10K and using available literature as specified in the text enabled genera determination of most of these as diatoms, testaceous amoebae, phacus and other undetermined organisms such as yeasts and spores, some to generic or specific level while others remain undetermined (Figures 1-11).
Integument dark infuscate, with irregular brown-yellow pronotal vittae surrounding an infuscate subcircular to subcruciate discal macula and lateral margins; elytra with vague to distinct brown-yellow to testaceous discal vittae.
The Neotropical muscoids genus Mesembrinella Giglio-Tos and other testaceous flies.
DIAGNOSIS: Irianocoris carbine is recognized by the following combination of characters: body mostly testaceous with extensive red highlighting (Fig.
Coleoptera Leptinidae Leptinus testaceous Coleoptera Leptodiridae Namadus sp.
Sowerby's second most important publication, Mineral Conchology of Great Britain, or Coloured Figures and Descriptions of those Remains of Testaceous Animals, or Shells which have been Preserved at Various Times, and Depths in the Earth (London 1812-1846), is actually a work of invertebrate paleontology (a term that had not yet come into use in Sowerby's day) and it recorded, for the first time, many index fossils found in England.
Integument of body and elytra variably testaceous, rufotestaceous, to partially to entirely dark infuscate.
Body testaceous-ferruginous, except petiole black; antenna brown, except segments 1 and 2 testaceous and segment 10 whitish.
Body shining black; scape, pedicel, ring segment, first funicular segment, all tarsi, bases and apices of fore and mid tibiae, and bases and apices of fore and mid femora dark brown; mid region of fore tibia, fore femora, mid tibia and mid femora liver brown; hind femur light brown; hind tibia liver brown with apex testaceous; eyes transparent (dirty white) with small blackish spots; Forewing hyaline (transparent) with veins pale brown.