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see New TestamentNew Testament,
the distinctively Christian portion of the Bible, consisting of 27 books of varying lengths dating from the earliest Christian period. The seven epistles whose authorship by St. Paul is undisputed were written c.A.D. 50–A.D.
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; Old TestamentOld Testament,
Christian name for the Hebrew Bible, which serves as the first division of the Christian Bible (see New Testament). The designations "Old" and "New" seem to have been adopted after c.A.D.
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; willwill,
in law, document expressing the wishes of a person (known as a testator) concerning the disposition of her property after her death. If a person dies intestate, i.e.
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1. Law a will setting out the disposition of personal property (esp in the phrase last will and testament)
a. a covenant instituted between God and man, esp the covenant of Moses or that instituted by Christ
b. a copy of either the Old or the New Testament, or of the complete Bible


1. either of the two main parts of the Bible; the Old Testament or the New Testament
2. the New Testament as distinct from the Old
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Finally, there was evidence of a testamentary plan as a result of the deletion of the daughter from his will when she sold her stock.
Some examples of circumstances that have been considered sufficient to rebut this presumption include an individual assisting in procuring a will in which that individual is a beneficiary; a dramatic change from a previous testamentary disposition; or the testator having been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
Kennedy's will creates two testamentary trusts, both of which will terminate at the death of Mrs.
The regulations provide that if the settlor retains some power over the disposition of trust assets, such as a testamentary power of appointment over the remainder after death, no portion of the transfer is considered a completed gift.
duPont Testamentary Trust was established under the Last Will and Testament of Alfred I.
duPont Testamentary Trust (the Trust) sold 600,000 shares of JOE common stock at the opening of trading today at $42.
The option of creating a grantor trust, With the grantor taxed on the trust income, will not be available if the third-party special needs trust is a testamentary trust.
In addition, regulations on qualified Subchapter S trust (QSST) elections for testamentary trusts were finalized.
ArtServe Michigan received funding for the VLAC program from DeRoy Testamentary Foundation, MASCO and members of the Arts, Communication, Entertainment and Sports Section (ACES) of the State Bar of Michigan.
The general testamentary character of the partnership arrangements also supports the inference of an implied agreement.
Bank One has approved $15,000 in support for the speakers' bureau program, and the DeRoy Testamentary Foundation in Detroit has provided $7,000 to support the overall services department.
It could provide that the GST tax will not apply to any trusts (or portions of trusts) that transferors fund in 2010, either by inter vivos or testamentary transfers.