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Analytical grade EG, acetic anhydride, pyridine, potassium hydroxide, phenol, tetrachloroethane (TCE), sebacic acid, glycerol, p-toluene sulphonic acid (p-TSA), zinc acetate (ZnAc), xylene, and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) were purchased from SD Fine chemicals India and used without any further purification.
According to Ngwezi, the group of chemicals consists of a mixture of organic compounds and metals namely: benzene, butadiene, carbon disulphide, chloroform, ethylene oxide, hexachlorobenzene, tetrachloroethane, methanol, sulphur dioxide, toluene, lead, mercury and cadmium.
Associations of ASD with styrene, butadiene, and tetrachloroethane were elevated for boys and not girls, whereas the association of ASD with mercury compounds were elevated for girls and not boys (Kalkbrenner et al.
The Sheldon-Arleta Landfill has the following toxic wastes in it, based on the city of Los Angeles' own reports: benzene, chlorobenzene, dichlorobenzene, methane, tetrachloroethane, toluene, vinyl chloride and xylene.
2]/UV system) has been applied successfully for the removal of volatile organic contaminants (VOC) (benzene, acetone, dichloroethane, tetrachloroethane, etc.
the circadian dependent effect of trichloroethylene on spontaneous locomotor activity and of tetrachloroethane on mortality in mice].
Phenol and tetrachloroethane were analytically pure and were purchased from Shanghai Lingfeng Chemical Reagent Co, Ltd.
Blanc then describes the use of benzene as a solvent for rubber cement and its attendant effects on the bone marrow, and polymer sealants such as nitrocellulose dissolved in tetrachloroethane when benzene was diverted to munitions manufacture during World War I.